Amaya receives gaming regulatory approvals for Rational Group acquisition

Amaya receives gaming regulatory approvals for Rational Group acquisition

On July 28th 2014 the Amaya Gaming Group Inc were excited to announce that they have now received all required approvals from the gaming regulatory authorities that currently license the Rational Group Ltd, owner and operator of the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker brands, in connection with Amayas previously announced acquistion of Rational Group (the "Proposed Transaction).

Information about Amaya Gaming

Amaya Gaming are known for providing a full suite of gaming products along with services which include casino, poker, platform, lotteries and not forgetting electronic gaming machines and game systems. Amaya Gaming actually power some of the world's largest licensed gaming operators, casinos and lotteries - powered by Amaya Interactive. These also include land-based and lottery solutions in multiple U.S. States and Candian provinces, Native American tribal jurisdictions, and European jurisdictions!

Update on the "Proposed Transaction"

Amaya Gaming have also recently announced that they have received conditional approval from the TSX regarding the Proposed Transaction and the listing of Amaya common shares issuable in connection with the planned financing of the Proposed Transaction, including such underlying warrants, subscription receipts and convertible preferred shares issued in relation to the planned financing.

They have informed us that completion of the transaction remains subject to, among other customary conditions, the approval of certain aspects of the planned financing for the Proposed Transaction by Amaya's shareholders, which are scheduled to consider the matter at the annual and special meeting of the Corporation's shareholders on July 30th 2014. Assuming a favourable outcome at the Shareholders Meeting at the end of July, Amaya and Oldford Group Ltd, the parent company of the Rational Group, intend to move expeditiously towards the completion of the transaction.

Information about The Rational Group

If you are are not aware of who The Rational Group are, they actually operate gaming and related businesses and brands that include PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, the European Poker Tour, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Latin American Poker Tour and lastly the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. Together, these brands collectively form the largest poker businness in the entire world, comprising of both online poker games and tournaments, also live poker competitions and poker programming created for television and online audiences. In addition to operating two of the largest online poker sites, where it has dealt more than 100 billion poker hands and held over 800 million online tournaments, The Rational Group also holds more online poker licenses than any other e-gaming companies, and they work closely with regulators around the world to help establish sensible global regulation.

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