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AskGamblers has Helped a Player Receive a 330 BTC Delayed Withdrawal

A Player Has Received a 330 BTC Withdrawal Thanks to AskGamblers

Complaints are never easy. Luckily, AskGamblers has a dedicated team of professionals working on players' behalf to help them solve the issue. Namely, the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service is used by members all over the globe and one of our most recent complaints is pretty impressive. Our team has just helped a struggling player receive a 330 BTC payment that was being delayed by an online casino. 

After the Big Win, What's Next?

It’s not every day you win 330 Bitcoins and, when you do, you hope the withdrawal will go through smoothly. But, sometimes things just don’t go they way we hope and that’s where our excellent complaints team steps in. AskGamblers acts as a mediator between players and the casino and, in this particular case, the complaint was filed at Cloudbet Casino. A member at the casino had requested the very large withdrawal, with previous withdrawals all being successful.

AskGamblers team has just helped a player get a 330 BTC payment from Cloudbet Casino.

However, quite quickly things started to escalate, as the member was having issues during the verification process. 

A Complaint Was Submitted

The player submitted his complaint, following the golden rule and that is staying calm! With a win as big as this one, the withdrawal process is always going to be longer and more in-depth, but the online casino should still be communicating with players along the way. If this stops, this is a sign a player should contact us. 

Cloudbet Casino were able to offer a reply to the player and put the withdrawal under investigation. Unfortunately, replies continued going back and forth for over a month, where our complaints team were able to step in and ask the casino for an update on the situation. 

Case Resolved!

The complaint continued for sometime after until the player posted the reply we had all been waiting for. The casino had paid out the full 330 BTC to the lucky player who was naturally over the moon with his life-changing win. The player had already made it clear in the complaint how much this withdrawal meant to him and his family.

We for one are absolutely over the moon, not only were we able to help the player, but once again the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service has proven just why it is so popular. If you ever fall into trouble somewhere, as long as the online casino is listed on AskGamblers, you can open a complaint.

Our friendly and professional team are here to help around the clock, we hope you never have to use us, but if you do, don't ever be afraid to. Feel free to head over to our complaints page and read everything that happened. 

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