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The excitement for AskGamblers returning $30,018,211 to players is beyond!

AskGamblers Returns $30,018,211 to Players, and Everyone's Awestruck!

Did someone say $30,018,211 in recovered money to players? We did! In the gambling industry, it is not uncommon to have players be unfairly declined their acquired money - and that's where AskGamblers shows up to mend the problem and help the players.  

Turning to AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service, players know our agents will do everything in their power to sort any unfairness out and return money to those who have fairly won it.

Of all the complaints that I'd filed before, AskGamblers recovered 100% of my winnings. Very good service!

This time around, AskGamblers Complaint Service has hit the jaw-dropping sum of thirty million in recovered players' money, and we couldn't be prouder! Pretty magnificent, don't you think?

All's Well that Ends Well

Playing at an online casino comes with a set of hopes and expectations that, to a player, often mean more than the sum of their winnings. Usually, winnings are more about the player feeling proud of their gambling skills, clever calculations, focus, commitment, etc. than all the cha-ching in their pocket (although that matters, too!). So, what happens when all that gets tarnished? 

Mix an unjust loss of winnings with hurt pride and you’ll get an annoyed and disappointed player looking for justice. And, we get that!

Luckily for our avid players, AskGamblers' customer support team is as diligent as you want a customer support team to be. Our experienced, trained agents know how to approach this type of problematic and help players get the conversation going with online casinos that put them in the position to complain in the first place. As the players, themselves observe - 

The staff were helpful. I realise it is not easy doing what they have to do. Well done to all involved. I appreciate your time and effort.

With proper mitigating, there's rarely any problem that can't be solved – at least when AskGamblers support team's in charge. 

Complain If You're Not Satisfied

Yes, we did manage to recover $30,018,211 to players, but only because you, and rightfully so, filed complaints. On that note, we'd like to encourage you to keep submitting complaints, whenever you feel a casino hasn't done right by you. 

However, do keep in mind that you can only file a complaint with a casino listed on our website, as only those are in our jurisdiction. Also, you need to follow the Casino Complaint Service submission rules, because how else will you have your problem addressed by the support agents? 

Just checked my account and the money is in there. So, to me the problem has been resolved. Thank you AskGamblers for all your help.

How to submit a complaint with AskGamblers? The process is very easy:

  • Go to
  • Click Submit Complaint in the top left menu
  • Select the option that best describes the issues in the drop-down menu
  • In case none of the available complaint options agree with your issue, click "Other" at the bottom of the drop-down menu. You'll be directed to an overview that should help you resolve your problem
  • Every section is different and takes time, so give it time to process. The feedback won’t come immediately upon submitting a complaint. 

Let's Celebrate Together

You can't deny $30,018,211 recovery to players is a small success to begin 2020 with, but we're pretty positive this is not where things end! Thanks to your engagement and complaint submission and our customer service diligence, we're breaking records as we speak! 

Following this pace, who knows what our next milestone is going to be! Until then – play smart, win big, and complain fast whenever needed!

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