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Annual AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Report for 2020

Annual AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Report for 2020

The year 2020 was intense, but a remarkable one at the same time, for our AGCCS team managed to break most of its previous records! 

Our 2020 Report shows that AGCCS helped 1,750 players recover over $6,084,575.42 of unpaid, delayed or unfairly confiscated money, achieving an average resolution time of less than 10 calendar days of all processed complaints! In total, and at the time of writing, we’ve helped 13,811 players return $38 million and counting via our Casino Complaint Service! W-o-w!

Scroll down to learn more about the grand 2020 accomplishments of our Complaint team, and see how it all affected you, the players.

Breaking Our Own Records Again

Year after year, the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service team keeps outdoing itself with phenomenal results. 

Similarly to 2019, the AGCCS squad managed to surpass the total number of all received and reviewed complaints in 2020. Although the total of complaints was already staggering as it was (incredible 9,809 cases), the number of received and reviewed cases in 2020 climbed to the jaw-dropping 11,012 new complaints submitted! This makes more than 12% increase compared to the 2019 stats! Out of all filed cases, 2,373 were accepted and 2,057 complaints resolved.

Unsurprisingly, the number of players who turned to AGCCS for help rose as well, together with the number of casinos.

Namely, in 2020, AGCCS broke the previous record by receiving new complaints from 7,680 players! Remembering the 2019 stats when AGCCS received complaints from 6,804 players, the 2020 number marks a 13% increase! The number of affected casino brands rose from 725 in 2019 to 803 casinos in 2020, as well.

Speedy Resolution, Outstanding Results

Although we thought AGCCS simply can’t get more efficient than they already are, they proved us wrong when they set a new record for complaints speed of resolution

In 2020, our Complaint team broke the previous record for the complaints average speed of resolution by achieving a staggering 235 hours! Speaking strictly in percentages, that’s 32% faster compared to the 2019 stats when we achieved average complaints resolution time of 347 hours. Impressive! In 2020, the overall resolution success rate landed at 81%.

AGCCS Stats: Accepted and Rejected Complaints

There are many reasons why players submit complaints, and they typically vary from payment issues and software glitches to unsatisfactory account handling, and other.

In 2020, the most common reason for submitting a complaint was payment issues, with 1,907 accepted cases within this category. The total number of accepted complaints landed at 2,373 while rejected complaints reached 8,639.

Why do complaints get rejected in the first place? There are various reasons for complaint rejection which is why it’s essential the complainants are fully aware of the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Guidelines.

Some of the most common reasons for complaint rejection are:

  • Failing to adhere to casino rules;
  • Unsatisfactory information regarding the case in question;
  • Insufficient evidence to support the claim;
  • Complaints were not casino-related;
  • Multiple complaint submissions on the same issue;

Fun AGCCS Facts and Stats

There’s no way to stress how important all AGCCS numbers are (especially when they come in the form of our annual report), but we are super geeky for “fun facts”, too!

Here’s something juicy to chew on: the first of the top 3 resolved complaints with the largest disputed amount rounds at $200,000.00 at LeoVegas Casino. Talk about cha-ching! The second one is £104,851.03 at PokerStars Casino while the third one lands at £68,000.00 at PlayOJO Casino. Now, that’s big money!

Speaking of fun and facts, did you know that the average casino complaint duration throughout 2020 was approximately 235 hours, with the total combined duration of all processed casino complaints rounding at 595,504 hours? Yes, you’ve read it right!

And, listen to this – the shortest casino complaint resolution lasted 23 minutes at Paradise Casino while the longest rounded at incredible 102 days 21 hours and 34 minutes at Raging Bull Casino!

The Ever-Growing Total Sum

To help is human, to return money - divine!

At the beginning of 2019, the total sum of returned money to players surpassed $31,528,671 while in 2020 it reached almost $38,000,000! At the time of writing, we’ve helped 13,811 players return $38,117,461 (and counting) via our Casino Complaint Service!

Multilingual AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service

It was in 2019 that the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service got launched for the Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese languages, all on their respective versions of AskGamblers, and kept on thriving in 2020.

In that respect, AGCCS recorded great results with these versions. Namely, the success rate of resolved cases for the Italian version of the website is a phenomenal 100% compared to 2019 while the 2020 success rate for the German version of the website records 48% and for the Spanish 29%! Other versions of the AskGamblers website see an admirable increase in complaint resolutions, as well.

Players Shared Their Truth

The AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service exists and operates with a very clear and prominent vision in mind: to help players get their justice, and ensure their gameplay is as fair and stress-free as possible.

That we have been doing a good job so far confirm our players’ comments on our services:

“I have always believed that gambling is living by the sword. When you Deposit, Play, and Lose; you walk away to play another day. When you Deposit, Play, and Win; your Withdrawal should be Paid as advertised. Sometimes Casinos do not always play by those rules and you lose hope. When this happens and everything you do seems helpless, Salvation has a name and it is AskGamblers.”


“I've been going to askgamblers.com for a long time now. These guys are the best! I've been to other sites but nothing beats AG ....everything is accurate with reviews and information about casinos. Whenever I've needed to find out something about a casino, AskGamblers has and always will be my first port of call: and not just for reviews. They've helped me out a few times with "issues" that have occurred with casinos.

I’m quite confident in recommending them as a very professional and trustworthy organisation”.

Similarly, another Casino Complaint Service user said:

“Dealing with online casinos is always tricky. While they need to make a profit and avoid difficult banking transactions and costs, players want to be fairly compensated. Who understands how they operate and who has "inside contacts" is there to help: that is AskGamblers. You have helped me, and I thank you.”

AGCCS Is Here for You

Whether an expert or a newbie in gambling, having someone to watch your back is always a plus – and that’s AGCCS for you! If you ever feel like you are being wronged by an online casino, please contact us with your issue and we’ll give our best to help! You can submit a complaint in English or some other language available through our international complaint services.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the casino in question carefully before your submission. Also, follow all AGCCS Guidelines, and the process may begin.

Although the AGCCS process may appear easy to an untrained eye, there is a great deal of knowledge, unprecedented dedication, time and urgency in handling every one of your submissions – and they are all taken care of with equal enthusiasm, with the idea of keeping you, our players, happy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our brief walkthrough of top 2020 AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service stats. See you next year – same time, same place!

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