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What am I supposed to do first?

How do I determine the actual problem?

There is a host of issues that can arise when playing at an online casino. Before a player can begin the dispute resolution process at AskGamblers, it’s important that they identify the exact issue to ensure that the problem can be fixed promptly and effectively. Below are some guidelines that can help in figuring out what needs to be resolved.

Issues with withdrawals

The vast majority of issues that players encounter with online casinos are related to withdrawals. Online casinos may prevent a player from cashing out funds for a variety of reasons, and before beginning the complaint process, it’s a good idea for the player to identify the casino’s rationale.

Players should start by using the casino’s customer service. Many sites offer live chat that will enable players to get access to a real person who can review their account records and determine the issue in minutes. Alternatively, players may also be able to email the casino or give them a call. The associate should be able to provide all the necessary information about the withdrawal in question. In many cases, the casino’s support team will be willing to work with the player to resolve the issue directly. If not, the player should save all correspondence and make sure that they can identify the reason given by the casino for not allowing the withdrawal: a rule violation, suspected fraud, or other reason, before beginning dispute resolution.

Unfortunately, some online casinos do not have reliable customer service. Players who have funds at a less reputable site may not be given a legitimate reason for why their withdrawal is blocked or stalled. If this happens, the player should begin the complaint resolution process anyway by stating the problem (i.e. withdrawal not being processed) in as much detail as possible.

Issues with bonuses

Bonus-related issues also comprise a large number of the complaints in the AskGamblers complaint resolution system. Most of these issues relate to partially or fully voided bonus funds and winnings, or higher than expected playthrough requirements. Because bonus rules are often extensive and vary widely from casino to casino, it’s helpful for players to identify the exact issue at the root of the problem before filing a complaint.

Players should begin by familiarizing themselves with the exact terms of the bonus in question. It’s important to understand these before accepting any bonus, but once an issue has already occurred, players will be better equipped to talk with the casino representatives after reading the rules for the promotion. Players should make especially sure they identify and make a note of any rules related to the following:

  • Playthrough requirements and bonus-eligible games
  • Contribution rates for different types of games
  • Bet sizing and play pattern rules
  • Maximum cashout limits
  • Country- or loyalty-based eligibility requirements
  • Unusual terms

Afterwards, the player should have a conversation with one of the casino’s support associates regarding the bonus. Many sites offer live chat to ensure that players don’t have to wait long to get their questions answered, but if the casino in question does not, players can use email, phone, or another contact method. Players tend to have more success in the dispute resolution process once they can identify the casino’s reasoning for voiding a bonus or other bonus-related issue. In some cases, the casino will be willing to work with the player directly to come up with a satisfactory resolution, with no complaint required.

In the event that the customer service department is unable to provide an exact reason for the problem, the player should go ahead and file a complaint with whatever information and details he does have.

Other types of issues

Although withdrawal- and bonus-related issues make up the vast majority of the complaints on AskGamblers, the dispute resolution service is open to any kind of issue, including unfair treatment, software glitches, problems with deposits, and more. Still, before filing a complaint, the player should try to get as many details about the problem as possible. Getting familiar with the Terms and Conditions, making a note of any error messages or correspondence received, and knowing when the issue and related incidents occurred will help a player increase his chances of success in complaint resolution.

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