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Appendix A – Gambling Glossary



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Gambling glossary

Need help with some gambling lingo? We’ve got you covered! Check out our big gambling glossary below.

The list of terms is in alphabetical order. If you’re looking for a specific word, you can save time by using your browser’s ‘Find’ function (usually CTRL+F on PC or Command+F on Mac).

affiliate: a third-party promoter of one or more online casinos.

AGCC: Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

aggregate payout limit: a win limit sometimes used on certain table games, like Let It Ride. 

ante: 1. in poker and many table games, an initial bet required to play; 2. a commission charged per hand on blackjack in certain regions.

bonus: 1. extra money or other type of gambling credit given to players. Usually comes with special rules; 2. a special feature in a game.

bonus abuse: a term used by online casinos for any kind of undesirable bonus play.

bonus ban: when a casino prevents a player from partaking in any future bonus offers, usually as a result of bonus abuse.

bonus bet: see ‘side bet’.

box cars: in craps, double sixes.

bust: 1. in blackjack and other 21 games, to exceed 21; 2. to run out of money, as in ‘bust out’.

cashable: a type of bonus wherein the bonus amount itself may be withdrawn.

cashback: generally, a type of bonus that rebates players a percentage of their net losses.

chargeback: in online gambling, when a player disputes a deposit made into an online casino made on their credit card or other account. Usually fraudulent in nature.

comp points: a common loyalty scheme that gives players cash or bonus money based on how much they play.

contribution: the percentage of wagers that will go towards a bonus playthrough requirement on a particular game.

dice: slang for craps.

double up: 1. an option given in many slots and video poker games to risk winnings for double in fair odds, even money game; 2. a common option in 21 games to double an initial wager.

even money: 1:1 odds on a bet.

e-wallet: a general term for any online payment service in which players can store funds.

field: in craps, a bet that pays when 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 is rolled.

full house: in poker games, a set of 3 cards of the same rank with an additional pair. Ranks above flush and below four-of-a-kind in most games.

flush: 1. in poker games, a set of (usually 5) cards of one suit. Ranks above straight and below full house in most games; 2. to manually turn off the pending period for a withdrawal.

free chip: see ‘no deposit bonus’.

freeroll: a type of tournament where no fee is required to play.

fruity: 1. a general term for slot machine in the UK; 2. a specific kind of arcade-style slot machine with a fixed payout percentage in the short-term.

hard: in blackjack, any hand that is not ‘soft’.

hard ways: in craps, double 2s, double 3s, double 4s, and double 5s.

hit: in 21 games, to take another card.

hole card: in most variants of blackjack, the initial dealer card not exposed. Not used in European Blackjack, Australian Pontoon, and some others.

house edge: the percentage of a bet the casino can mathematically expect to win in the long term.

insurance: in blackjack, a bet offered to players when the dealer has an ace showing that the dealer will have blackjack.

jackpot: the highest possible payout on a game.

live chat: customer support via instant messaging integrated on the casino website or within the casino client.

Martingale: a betting system used on even money bets where the player doubles his bet after each loss until he wins.

match bonus: a type of bonus that is based on a fixed percentage of a person’s deposit.

max cashout: maximum cashout limit. Usually applies to no deposit bonus and some very large match bonuses.

MG: Microgaming.

muck: in video poker and draw poker games, to discard.

NDB: see ‘no deposit bonus’.

network progressive: see ‘wide area progressive’.

nickel: in the US, can be slang for a $5 chip.

no deposit bonus: a type of bonus that is given to players without requiring them to add any money to their account. Often has a maximum cashout limit.

odds: 1. the payout of a particular bet; 2. the probability of an outcome; 3. in craps, a zero-edge bet that may be placed on a Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, or Don’t Come bet, up to a certain limit.

paint: slang for face cards.

parlay: to add winnings to an existing bet.

playthrough: see ‘wagering requirement’.

pokies: in Australia, the general term for slot machines.

PT: Playtech.

progressive: a type of jackpot that increases by a percentage of wagers made on the game.

quarter: in the US, can be slang for a $25 chip.

rake: in poker, the percentage of the pot taken by the poker room.

reload bonus: typically, a match bonus given to existing players (in contrast with ‘welcome bonus’).

RNG: the Random Number Generator that determines outcomes in slots or other casino games that are not dealt by hand.

RTG: Real Time Gaming.

rollover: see ‘wagering requirement’.

royal flush: in poker games, Ace-Ki­ng-­Que­en-­Jac­k-Ten of one suit. Highest ranking hand in most games.

RTP: Return to Player, or the percentage of wagers the player can expect to get back in the long-term. Same as 100% minus the house edge.

scatter: in slots, a symbol that pays in any position.

self-exclusion: a process whereby casino patrons may request not to be allowed to play at the casino.

side bet: a bet placed on a game in addition to the standard wager.

snake eyes: in craps, double ones.

soft: in blackjack, a hand composed of an ace that is counted as an eleven.

split: 1. in 21 games, to separate two cards of the same rank into two separate hands; 2. in roulette, a bet that covers 2 numbers next to each other on the betting grid.

sticky: a type of bonus where the bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn. 

straight flush: in poker games, a set of (usually 5) consecutive cards of one suit. Ranks above four-of-a-kind and below royal flush in most games.

straight-up: in roulette, a bet on a single number.

street: in roulette, a bet that covers a column of 3 numbers on the betting grid.

sucker bet: a wager that gives the house a significantly larger house edge than most other bets, especially when on the same game.

suit: in card games: hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds.

stand/stick: in 21 games, to stop taking cards and turn play to the next player or dealer.

T&C/Terms and Conditions: rules that dictate who may play at a casino, player rights and warranties, banking and bonus policies, and all other aspects of using the casino’s services.

theoretical hold: related to ‘house edge’.

third base: in multi-player table games (especially blackjack), the last player to act.

tip/toke: to bet for or give a gratuity to a dealer or other service worker.

tourney: short for ‘to­urn­ame­nt’.

trigger: to activate a special feature, most commonly in video slots.

trips: in poker and poker-based casino games, slang for three-of-a-kind.

twist: see ‘hit’.

wagering requirement: the amount a person must play beforethey may withdraw funds. Usually applies to bonuses and is typically expressed as a multiple of the bonus amount (e.g. 20x).

wide-area progressive/WAP: a progressive jackpot for a single game shared at all casinos that offer the game.

welcome bonus: a bonus given to new players at a casino.

WR: see ‘wagering requirement’.

yo: in craps, eleven.

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