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Gambling and Alcohol - A Study by Castle Casino

Gambling and Alcohol - A Study by Castle Casino

A lot of us like to enjoy a nice beer or wine when we gamble, but how does it really affect our play? To answer that question, Castle Casino has taken it upon themselves to do a little research of their own. We think you might find these results interesting. A big thank you to Castle Casino for putting in the work to share this information!

The Test

In order to find out how alcohol affects online casino play, Castle Casino started by researching the beer consumption per capita of 60 different countries. After keeping track of the data from their sources, they then compared it to their user database. To do this, Castle Casino categorised each player by their location and took an average of each country's RTP (percentage of wagers kept by the player).

The Results

In doing this comparison, Castle Casino found that as beer consumption per capita went up, the RTP for players in that particular country was more likely to be lower.

Top 5 Countries

  • Sweden: 107% average RTP, 52 litres beer per capita
  • The Netherlands: 101% average RTP, 77 litres beer per capita
  • Hungary: 99% average RTP, 75 litres beer per capita
  • Bulgaria: 99% average RTP, 67 litres beer per capita
  • Denmark: 98% average RTP, 90 litres beer per capita

Bottom 5 Countries

  • Czech Republic: 78% average RTP, 159 litres beer per capita
  • Germany: 80% average RTP, 110 litres beer per capita
  • Ireland: 91% average RTP, 131 litres beer per capita
  • Poland: 92% average RTP, 95 litres beer per capita
  • Australia: 94% average RTP, 105 litres beer per capita

Want to drink and gamble?

This study substantiates the fact that gambling while consuming alcohol can lead to worse play. However, for many of us, gambling just isn't nearly as fun unless you've got a cold beer in hand! If you still want to enjoy a little booze when you play, here are a few tips that you can use to keep the losses to a minimum:

  • Consider sticking to games that have no skill element at all, such as slots and keno. Massively low RTPs like the 78% in the Czech Republic usually only happen when players use very poor gameplay at table games. Although table games do generally offer better odds when proper strategy is used, they can actually drain your bankroll the fastest if you're not thinking right.
  • Make sure to limit your deposits and/or the amount of time you spend gambling before you start drinking and gambling. Of course you should have a good time, but you don't want to wake up in the morning wishing you would've saved some of that money for something else! Castle Casino representatives can help you set up limits in your account within just a few minutes.
  • Play with a bonus to give yourself more play time without exposing yourself to more risk. Castle Casino, for instance, offers a 100% sign-up bonus, as well as a 25% reload bonus that you can claim every Friday.

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