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West Casino - Sending out false offers

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Hi all,

Is any one else receiving multiple emails from West Casino claiming you're eligible for an offer, or that you've received an offer, only to discover that you haven't?

An example would be that I received an email this morning saying that because I had accumulated £150 in deposits this week I have 100 free spins in Starburst. I didn't. When I asked about it on Live Chat, I was told that I wasn't eligible because I'd only made 2 x £50 deposits and it requires 3 x £50 deposits. I'd made several more deposits but they were £30, £40... a lot of them but that doesn't count, apparently.

I stated this and I was told that I should refer to the terms and conditions (the terms and conditions of the email states the same as the copy in the email...).

They keep sending me repeated false offers and it's really bad practice in my opinion.

When I told them I wasn't happy, they blocked my account.

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Yeah I attacked them about the same thing. However it did state 3x50 euro deposits and not smaller amounts.

How about the 10 no deposit spins for Mondays lol? When you know you did not deposit 40 the previous week but they still say you should come and collect it? ? 

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Yeah, it's ridiculous! I work in email marketing (once in a gaming role actually), and I remember even just having the offer dates or time zone incorrect would be bad practise. You could lose your job, as you'd have customers complaining. I guess they have no strategy or good leadership so they're just pinging out email campaigns. It'll backfire on them eventually - I guarantee that, but it's annoying as a customer. 

I went from depositing £400-500 in that one day and I could have switched over from another casino, so they've Lost a new customer who deposits a lot. It won't matter to them obviously but it should!

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