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Spin Palace should be placed with the worst.

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Wanted to try a new site so I googled "best Canadian gambling sites"  Spin Palace was at the top. Read a bit of reviews and I guess I read the wrong ones. Deposited $200 and received a $200 bonus. I read the R&Rs for the bonus quickly (first mistake) and thought it was similar to most other sites, that whatever you won would be split in half. Half going to your real account and the other half in your bonus account. If I chose to withdraw at any time I would only get what's available in my real account. 

I played Immortal Romance and brought my balance up to $550, was getting a little bored so decided to play Live Roulette. The Roulette rooms were the same that I've seen in many other sites so I really thought that I was on a good site. I went into the Immersive roulette room (the only one I like to play) and on the first Spin won $180 with my Lucky Number 3. Couple of spins later I crack my other lucky number 11 for $720.  Now I'm up to $1,300 and decided that I'll play hard until I reach $1000 if things don't go right, I was  feeling like my birthday was coming out soon and put $100 on 12. BANG! $3,600 just like that. I'm up to $4,500 in less thank 2 hours. Lose $500 playing wild and decide that spin palace can keep their $2000 in bonus money, I would like to profit $1,800 for the night. 

Go to withdraw and like I suspected my account was split into two. When I go to withdraw it blocks me saying that I can't  withdraw my real account money until I meet the betting requirement of $10,000. Not having to have to go through this before I was pretty frustrated. I noticed that I only wagered $1,100 of the $10,000 I had to and that left me confused. I easily wagered more than that with the way I was throwing money around so I did a little test. Went back to roulette and bet $500 on three spins, Lost all three spins, went back to see how much money it said I wagered and I was only at $1,175.  How does betting $500 only get me $75 worth of wagers? 

So I go to sleep and the next morning I contact customer service. They said that everything is stated in their bonus R&Rs and that I would not be able to withdraw until I met the $10,000 in wagers. I explained how the $500 only got me $75 worth of wagers and the CS representative said that they take wagers from both real account and bonus account, so I said shouldn't it be $250 worth of wagers then? And I was told that sometimes more comes out of the bonus account, sometimes not.  WHAT!?

So now I basically set fire to $200 because there's no way I will meet the $10,000 required with the way they're ***** around with the wagers, so I go nuts on roulette. I was betting $500 a spin on various numbers. I hit several numbers and corners while playing getting paid amounts of $360, $720, and $900 frequently enough and even hit my 3 with $100 on it for another $3,600. I played for about an hour and at one point had $8,000 in my account. I wagered well over $15,000 while playing for that hour and for ***** and giggles I checked how much I wagered on the withdrawal page and I was only up to $2,250 wagered!!! WOW!!! With the way their calculations work for total wagers I would have had to bet well over $200,000 on roulette to be able to withdraw.


Maybe I'm missing something, maybe this is "common practice" but holy ***** I will not accept another bonus until reading everything inside out. Needless to say I closed my account with them as they robbed me of a fun night.


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They are not "worst site" on 99% casino sites if you claim normal 100% bonus let's say Roulette is gonna contribute 10% to wagering meanwhile slots are 100% that's how it works.
On the site, you played as you can see only 8% is set on roulette 2% on video poker lol, and 100% on slots.
If you still didn't lose your money just go and wager on slots until you are done.

From now on try to claim Live casino bonuses roulette/blackjack contribute 100% towards wagering most of the time, you can go to casinos section on Askgamblers and find Mr. Green casino I think they still have 100% Live Casino bonus for new players.


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