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Wildz Casino - Account blocked - balance seized

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Hello my friends,

since I´m highly saddened and desperate about the experiences I made at the WILDZ CASINO, I would like to share with you what happened to me while playing at this newly established casino.

I´m a quite experienced gambler and I tried many different casinos with mostly good experiences.

I played at Wildz Casino since the end of July and generally speaking, I really like the offers and the online casino itself. My account has been verified already. This was confirmed several times by their support since they don´t send automatic emails after the verification.

However, I did several deposits with my credit cards, as usual. I didn´t make use of any deposit bonus etc., I never do and my bonus balance was zero.

Good for me, I became extremely lucky with playing Blackjack, had huge winning streaks with several hands and hit unbelievable sidebets. Within a few days, my balance grew and grew up to a big amount of money. However, I applied for a withdraw last week (low 4 digits). This was managed quite quickly (a few hours) and I received the money already. On Thursday (1st of August.2019), I applied for 2 more withdraws (middle 4 digits) and they did not proceed. On August 3rd, my account balance overall had a 6 digit amount. 

Last Saturday (August 3rd 2019),  I tried to log into my account and saw that is has been blocked and that I should be in touch with the support. I did and received the following messages:

- Your account is closed due to Regular Security Check by the relevant department, once it will be opened again, we will contact you. Thanks for understanding, but we have to follow servant procedures, it will not take too long.

- You did nothing wrong, it's just that a certain Team will check your profile, what I can promise you is that the will do it as soon as possible.

- Me: Is my balance secured? And can you tell me how long it takes, please?
- Support: Yes, everything is fine and untouched, you just have a "block". which means you cant log in. I'm just Support so I don't know what they are doing, but we do everything as fast as possible, like our withdrawals which take sometimes just some hours.....It really depends on how much they have to do and on the workload....I personally understand how that looks for you, but I can just apologize and please you to wait.

After, I chatted a little bit with the person about my winnings and how amazing they are. The person even congratulated me again: "Yes, i saw your game history, what a Blackjack-Streak!"

After a few days of waiting, I received an answer from the Wildz support team. Unfortunately in German, so I can´t quote it here.

So basically they say that from 2019-07-30 - 2019-08-02 (the time I played before my account was blocked), Evolution had technical issues with the Blackjack games.
This means that  I won a lot of money (6 digits) but in total, I Lost a 5 digit amount. That's why they won´t transfer my pending withdraws and my balance was deleted. 

They refer to their terms 5.25 & 5.11. 

I can keep a previously transferred amount of 2k but my account remains closed and the balance and the pending withdraws are gone.

Ok...What shall I say about this now? Neither did I notice a "very rare technical error " nor did I witness that I gained winnings when I actually lost in Blackjack. As usual, when I won, my bankroll grew, when I lost, it decreased. I don´t even understand how this should be possible. I was playing and had incredible runs, huge side bets and a lot of luck. I saw my balance growing and growing without noticing any irregularities. I really don´t understand how I could make such a profit but actually losing? It doesn´t make sense to me. 

I really regret that I didn´t record my sessions so I could double-check or even proof that I won all these hands. I only made some screenshots of my winnings. Not sure if these are even helpful.

I´m quite shocked and feeling down from this response from the Wildz casino since I was sure that I won this money regularly. I would have said something if I would see any "strange things" or whatever. 

They later answered: "Due to a very rare technical error the client was paid too much winnings. That error has since been fixed." As a potential proof, they have sent me a table with a different numbers that should show that I made minus after all. Not really transparent nor understandable. 

However, the situation seems like that they will keep all my winnings. I didn't receive any additional information on what and how happened. I´m still confused and can´t explain what happened.

I filled a complaint now through MGA and asked to backtrack the "very rare technical error " with Evolution and the exact dates, times and places these took place. I requested all game logs and evidence from Wildz Casino and asked if a third party can double-check it. 

What I don´t understand is why they blocked my account instead of just keeping the winnings in case it really happened an error. I don´t understand why they keep everything and are not willing to cooperate?

Nevertheless, maybe gamblers think twice before playing there since for a week now, the entire process has been really intransparent for me without receiving detailed information on what happened. I don´t want to accuse Wildz of anything but I´m just saying that I don´t understand what actually happened and why they keep all my money.

Did anyone experience similar things when winning big?

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Hello there and welcome to AskGamblers. :) 

First of all, really sorry to hear about your strange incident. You should keep in mind though that glitches and/or tech errors do happen occasionally with casino games and when and if that happens there isn't a single casino operator out there which would honor any funds won during / via such glitch/error. 

Bu contacting MGA and filing official complaint against the operator you've done the best possible to defend your rights since the regulatory body is the only competent authority to provide adequate investigation of such an issue as yours. 

Good luck and keep us updated. 

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True, as I said, the sad part is that I was sure about my winnings being legit. However, I have some screenshots of my winnings. But for now, they were not relevant in this case. 

Here is what I said in the text above:

"I really regret that I didn´t record my sessions so I could double-check or even proof that I won all these hands. I only made some screenshots of my winnings. Not sure if these are even helpful."

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21 hours ago, Chicken_Dinner said:

So basically they say that from 2019-07-30 - 2019-08-02 (the time I played before my account was blocked), Evolution had technical issues with the Blackjack games.
This means that  I won a lot of money (6 digits) but in total, I Lost a 5 digit amount. That's why they won´t transfer my pending withdraws and my balance was deleted. 

What a nonsense I don't remember Evolution having any problems last months when they were taking my money like usual especially their Monopoly live and Infinite Blackjack.

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Unfortunately, Wildz Casino still didn´t tell me exactly what happened neither did they tell me how it happened. Except for an account statement which has no strong validity, I didn´t receive any explanations. I don´t even know why they decided to close my account. It was verified already and everything seemed to be fine. Again, this is really confusing for me and I don´t experience help from their side. Not sure if this is the way a new casino should treat their customers. It feels really bad. 


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Hit a 4300x bonus on Danger high voltage on Dreamz. It was a nightmare to verify the account, took 7 days to finally get the money out.

To see if the second withdrawal also is a hassle, I just hit a 300x on the Tigers Glory and made a new withdrawal.

They for sure are speculating big on reversal of withdrawals. 

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