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What lottery would be the best to play? Powerball or Mega Millions?

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Hi Livill, welcome to Askgamblers.  :hi:


Unfortunately, we only concentrate on slot games mostly and most of our members are more acquainted with slots, so there might not be many responses to your lottery question...if you do get any at all.


The odds of winning any lottery is just about the same, I would think. It all depends on individual luck. Some may try to win it but can never get it. The lucky ones, on the other hand, may get it sooner or later...perhaps even on the first try! That makes the odds of 1 in a million, or 1 in 100 million totally meaningless...because quite a number of punters have already won such lotteries within just a few buys.  :p

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Very little if you’re playing something like Jamming Jars ;-)


Some slots hide their scratchcardness better than others. It’s why we have near misses etc.


Pulling from a random number generator is for me no different to buying a SC.


Main difference is probably the number of outcomes and the fact SCs are boring. And the different types of wins.

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are you guys playing scratch cards? what are the difference between slot game and scratch cards/


Nope! IMO online scratchcards are a complete and utter waste of time. I am partial to the odd sctarchcard purchased from a shop now and again though.


The chances of winning any of the lotteries you mentioned are slim and as Afi mentioned it's pretty much the same odds as any other lotteries. No jackpot is ever going to be easy to win but if you are hungry for one then you'd better lose those two behind and try slots instead mate.

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You can really win millions in the scratch cards

You can also play the scratch card anytime you want



External link removed, please stick to the Forum Rules



Playing the scratch card and slot is fun but if you want to win massive jackpot, I suggest playing the lottery would be the best for you to play.


Well, you have been warned... 


Enjoy your forum account punishment for the next few months. :( 

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