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Varning för voodoodreams.com

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voodoodreams.com har jätte långsamma utbetalningar och svarar ej på mail.

Jag har väntat på min vinst i nästan 2 månader.


Jag varnar verkligen alla spelare för denna sidan då det känns som ett bluff företag,

Chatten är dålig med och kan ej ge mig någon info om varför det tar sån tid dem hänvisar till en mail som ej svarat på mina mail på över 1 månad.



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Detta skriver "sarah" i chatten idag när jag gjorde ett nytt försök med att få mina pengar.


"Det har verkligen tagit tid och det beklagar jag för. Från det jag kan se på ditt konto så finner jag ingen uppdatering från relevant avdelning som jag vet försöker lösa situationen. Jag har erhållit information att vi ska kunna gå vidare med en lösning inom kort men jag har inte mottagit en tidsram för detta Sonny."


Förra veckan blev jag lovad en lösning och denna veckan en lösning nu vet dem ej när dem kan betala ut,



Någon som vet ifall casinot är nära konkurs eller varför dem ej betalar ut vinster och inte svarar på mail??

Nedskärning av personal för det går så dåligt?

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Hello there and welcome to AskGamblers. :)


Shall have to respond in English since I don't know a word in Swedish and have to use google translate services in order to try and help you. Sorry about that. 


And so, the aforementioned operator is well known with its poor reputation when it comes to the part with payments. Unfortunately, their AGCCS history could totally confirm that. 

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Is AG's asterix filter on the fritz?  :p


No - unless the Police have taken on the role of a Gambling Ombudsman, it's not their jurisdiction.


I can only see the UK site, which is weird as they don't accept UK yet have a complaints procedure for UK residents :huh: - they state there that IBAS are the ADR. 


As Valdes says their rep isn't the best - have you submitted a complaint here?

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Still not got my money yet.

and no response to email ******* ******* they are




What is my next move should I report them to police?


While we are sympathetic to your concerns being still not paid, please keep in mind that we are also ruthless towards forum members who are not sticking to the Forum Rules! Complaining here is totally okay, using the F word is definitely not. 


Hope this is your first and last time violating the forum rules. 

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Tvivlar på att dom är nära konkurs. Däremot så är dom garanterat ett skurkbolag.
Jag fick över 40k konfiskerat här för ett par veckor sedan. Pengar som jag hade bråkat om sedan den 1:a september. 

Och deras anledning är ju bara pinsam och luddig. Ett tecken på att dom kan göra precis som dom vill när dom vill mot vem dom vill. Spelarna har 0 trygghet als.


Dear xxxxxxx,
Thank you for your query. Upon looking into your account, decision has been made that funds will not be paid out by our Risk & Fraud Team due to breach/es of our terms and conditions.
Please note that our terms state that:
6.12. We award bonuses and entry to selected promotions in good faith to players who use our services for entertainment purposes and as a token of appreciation for your loyal play. Free wagers, bonuses and entry to promotions will be revoked, denied or withdrawn from players who abuse the spirit of our offers. SuprNation reserves the right to cancel a bonus offer at any time in case of any suspected abuse of the offer and to terminate the offender’s account with immediate effect. At our sole discretion, we may not issue refunds of any deposits, balances or winnings generated on the account should abuse be suspected. The term “Abuse” shall include, the opening of multiple accounts to claim multiple bonuses.
2.15. You declare that you are not and shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to the participation in any of the games and that you shall not use any software-assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices for your participation in any of the games. We hereby reserve the right to void any wagers and confiscate any funds, should we suspect such behaviour.
We are not able to disclose any further information as to this matter and would kindly ask you to escalate to the Malta Gaming Authority should you have any further queries or complaints. The MGA may be contacted via phone, email or mail: email at [email protected](ii) telephone: +3562546900 (iii) mail: MGA, Building SCM 02-03, Level 4, Smart City Malta, Ricasoli SCM1001, Malta. You are also able to submit a complaint through the MGA website here:<SNIP>

We also want to inform you that your account will remain permanently closed and you are not allowed to open any new accounts with us. If you attempt to open any new accounts with us, please note that funds will be confiscated.
Kindly note we consider our decision final and hence this matter to be closed and unfortunately are unable to assist you further. 

Regards / Vänligen / Vennligst,
VoodooDreams Security

Edited by cocopop3011
Links removed: please be careful when quoting terms and conditions

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