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What is 'bonus abuse'?

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First of all sorry for my bad english.

Can anyone tell me if i am a bonus abuser? Recently won 100 euro with a no-deposit bonus and withdrawal is now pending.

In 6 months, i registered about 50 accounts  on different casinos. Most casinos had a 200% bonus or a great free-spins bonus. Is that bonus abuse?

Now i receive almost every day emails in my account with Free spins bonuses from the casinos where i registered in the past.

So i use the no-deposit spins a few times a week across different online casino's. Is this bonus abuse?

I'm starting my own website thats another reason why i tested all the 50 casinos. 


Never withdrawal any amount before. This is the first time i cash out  :blush:


Hopefully someone here can explain me what is bonus abuse

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Hi Rogier and welcome to Askgamblers.  :hi:


Bonus abuse? It's very simple...using any bonus not according to its stipulated terms.


Example 1...1 bonus per player, per account, per IP address, and so on...if you take that same bonus twice or more times, using different accounts under your name, then it's an abuse.


Example 2...Playing with bigger bets than that allowed, usually limited to $5 bet per Spin, in most cases, is also an abuse, but it is actually breaking the bonus rule - winnings can be confiscated!


Example 3...Making a deposit, claiming its free spins offer, playing off the free spins, and then withdrawing back the deposit money, is also an abuse.


Making a deposit and claiming a deposit bonus or free spins, at any One Casino, is not an abuse. If you have 100 different casino accounts (all different casinos of course), and you have taken a bonus at each and every one of them...that is NOT an abuse.  ;)

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Hi there @r0gier and welcome to AskGamblers. 


In addition to what Afi has explained in his post above, I would strongly encourage you checking the relevant general and bonus terms every time you join a casino brand and planning to use one or more of their bonuses. It's crucial to do that prior claiming the bonus though, so be proactive! 


Good luck! :good:

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Definitely read the TOS and Bonus Terms on any site, each have their own version of "bonus abuse"


Popular definition on many Direx N.V. sites are similar to "customer bonus ratio (deposits : bonuses) is more than 50%"


Still not sure what I think of this one, especially as someone who has a bonus clearing percentage of about 2%...

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Can’t remember where I read the stats but someone did post the bonus conversion ratio, with even x35, and it was dirt low. Most cases I manage a x15.


Don’t know where you people are but in the UK we got rid of the sticky bonus so any bonus offer now is basically a second go.


Just point out that casinos fire offers out. If they want to run the rule of bonus taken v non bonus deposits, they should tailor their offers to people-pretty sure given their systems it would be easy enough to set parameters on their systems so that it targets only those accounts it wants to.

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