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Finally some free time for a decent play-session this weekend! :) 

Ended up registering in a relatively new casino but soon after making my first deposit and claiming the welcome bonus I realized it's only Play'N Go available among my preferred gaming providers which was available for players from my country. No Thunderkick, no NoLimitCity, not Push Gaming, not even iSoftBet... :(

So, after trying Golden Ticket 1 & 2 without much of a success noticed Wild Blood 2 while browsing the PNG slots and decided to give it a try. Those who've been with us for long time already know I had my 'moments' with this slot several months ago so my expectations were mixed tbh... 

Anyway, long story short, picked my usual dollar-bet and started spinning... 6 free spins features later: 


For some unknown (and quite idiotic reason in fact :) ) decided to continue playing the same game instead of doing the far more reasonable thing in such a situation and namely, quitting and picking another slot... Of course the game went deadly cold and it took almost 700 spins to trigger the next free spins feature which paid less than 10x. Anyway, kept on spinning, my balance soon dropped below 200 followed by a few relatively quick features which paid decent (50-100x region) luckily. Then came this monster which I believe is my top Wild Blood 2 win so far! Yey! :crazy:



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I hope you don't mind if I have the honor to be the first one to post a screenshot of a mega slot win here. After all, gurus and forum admins are not immune to some vanity from time to time!   This

Howdy folks   After one of my craziest and definitely most luckiest weeks in my entire 'online gambling career' so far, I realized that we still don't have a topic, dedicated to mega slot wins. And

Hi. Hope everyone lucky After s short break, a 6200x win in Dead or Alive.   The 2 wild lines occurred before the extra 5 spins if I remember correctly (won amount till then was 200+).

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On 11/3/2020 at 11:36 AM, ValDes said:

We were discussing the bonus-buy strategy for Money Train 2 slot and realized I never posted this beauty! :D


Would have been an epic hit on my common dollar bet but still  a great hit! 

That Necromancer is the Shiiittttt - I love that feature, hitting that collector all the time over and over.

But I prefer the Persistent Sniper though, that can give insane wins.


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2 hours ago, Fiekie247 said:

That Necromancer is the Shiiittttt - I love that feature, hitting that collector all the time over and over.

But I prefer the Persistent Sniper though, that can give insane wins.


There are so many available combinations that could bring you a gigantic win! 

Like this one for example: 


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3 hours ago, ValDes said:

Hundreds of bonus-buys... Don't play base game at all anymore. 

I think most times you get around 80 - 120x your stake back when doing bonus buys, however sometimes its 5x, but I could never even reach x500. I did about 35 bonus buy syesterday and not a single one passed 200x


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My own experience with bonus-buying play with Money Train 2 is quite different actually... 

Made close to 600+ buys so far (99% on a 0.10 bet) and the common return was in the region 25-60x bet. Every now and then (one in every 15-20 buys) it will spit some decent win in the region of 200-500x bet . 

So far only 3 gigantic wins above the 1900x mark but these puts me well ahead luckily.  :D 

Saw a couple of max x50,000 wins on youtube lately, all of these on a min bet of course, so won't lie, that's my next target to hit. :D

Yeah, yeah, I know, my modesty knows no limits.... 🤑

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1 hour ago, ValDes said:

Sooooo damn close to the ultimate hit! 😮 

Still, that beauty helped me brake even for the year so far so not complaining actually! :D 



A big congrats Guru-san...almost 5 of 100x Multiplier Wilds on a winning payline...WOW!!! :good:

Looks like PlaynGo is your favourite provider nowadays, eh Guru-san. It's my favourite too, but I can't play it at my local casino...sigh! :sorry:

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