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Now and again I'll participate in a Facebook promotion for free spins or bonuses but to be honest I've never really had much luck with them.   However, Valleys woke up to a lovely email this morning

Well, not that many really, and it's random, so you've as much chance as any. There's lots of free spins up for grabs too and 60 winners to be awarded. Good luck!

I liked their page long time ago Sharon,still waiting...

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I'm a Facebook fan, I'd go as far as to say I'm a social media fan as a whole however when it comes to gambling I think it's kinda fizzled out on FB. When I first created this thread I was very much into finding promos for casinos on FB but nowadays I don't even follow any casinos. I like to keep this part of my life off FB and just in this forum.

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If you read Natasha's Schull's  excellent book 'addicted to design' you'll see her describe how facebook/twitter use the same techniques used by gambling companies to flog their products - the 'Lucic Loop' to create the sensations of uncertainty/reward?

Personally, I'm not on it - all i used to see when I was, was a bunch of self obsessed narcissists showing pictures of their dinners. I couldn;t care if John was 'having a fabululous time in Iceland' - good; stay there then ?

There is the concern that social gambling on FB is creating a new breed of future casino gamblers - be it Texas Hold Em for points or your farmvilles of the world. So gambling promotion is taking place, just a lot more insidious and convert than what you imagine ?

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On 5/9/2019 at 11:42 AM, peca92 said:

ok,so on FB there is askgamblers page,is there any other page that is worth following?

I don't follow any gambling sites on social media really. If you have favourite casinos it could be worth following those as they do sometimes have FB promos.

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