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Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!

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Hi dear friends! :)

I was thinking to start this thread from a long time ago, and the only reason not to do it so far, is that I Lost almost every single winner screenshot, I had done over the years, when moving from the old PC to my new laptop, back in the end of 2011! :( Luckily , I've managed to restore some of them, during the last three months, although my best hits - Marvel Hero Jackpot for 7500 euro and two times Marvel Extra Power for 3000 and 3500 euro, are totally lost, unfortunately! :angry:

But now... it's show time! :yahoo:
Let the others see your biggest wins! Make them be jealous! Let them dream about your terrfic hits! Show them why we play actually! ;)

Here's the terms, in order to become a part of this wall of honour and joy!

1. Post only winner screenshots of at least 100x bet!
2. Please remember, that you can hide your name, (or any other personal details if seen such), the name of the casino, or anything else, you don't want to share with us, but the picture must be clear enough, so that we're all able to see what you got, right?! ;)
3. Post as much as you can, and you will be rewarded!...With so many sighs! :p
4. Cheers for taking part in this glorious adventure! The beer is from me! :lol: ...And the crisps! :D

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And since I started this topis...I suppose, it's my duty and honour to be the first!


So, I'm proud to present you my best (and only) dream run so far!!! :D

I did this mind-boggling winning streak, while playing my favorite Microgaming slot for all time - Thunderstruck II, in 32 Red casino, back in January 2012!


Now buckle up, Hold your breath and enjoy the ride! ;)


I made a $100 deposit and get a small bonus of $40. It was already late afternoon, when I get this - more than 200x bet, nice Thor feature while playing at 0.30 per Spin





It was all for that day, had some business to do! But on the next day...the magic began almost from the very furst spin! Super cool Loki feature on bet 1.80- more than 100x win!





Then, already with thunders and lightnings in my head :D, I decided this day will be, you know... the DAY, which everyone of us is waiting for! The day, when our dreams come true! ;) So, I increased the bet to 3.00........and got this monster Valkyrie hit! :yahoo: And than again...with Odin!








You think it's over?! Nooooo... I was completely stunned, mad....and determined to push my luck to the limits...And beyond!...Raised the bet on 6.00 per spin!...And guess, what happened after less than 10 spins?! ... Another mind blowing feature - Odin again! Not exactly 100x bet win, but almost!







No need to explain what was the amount of adrenaline burning into my veins!!! :shok: But it was just the right time for me to take the most stupid of all possible decisions, I could ever done in such moment! I made the bet 15.00 per spin! :shok: ... And it paid! Numerous high five of a kind combination and than ... BOOM! Definitely not 100x bet, but it's so sweet to look at it!!!






Cashed out $2500 that day!And all this for less than an hour! Now you know what the word "luck" means! :shok:


Your turn now! :D

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FINALLY!!!!!!! I have always wanted to start this topic, but I was sure no one would reply by attaching a screen shots :D


That's one big WOW ValDes and applause for thread!!


Poor casinos :D You showed them who's boss :D


If only I could show you the rest, which I've Lost, when replacing the computer!!! :( Anyway, still hope to catch up this year with decent new screenshots! :D

Yes, poor casinos...once in a lifetime! Gyess, who's the boss in rest of the time?! :p;)

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ValDes, this is sick, mate! :shok:

Your run is an absolute beauty. And congratulations for the courage :good: - I would probably hit the bank tab even after the third screenshot! :D


This idea with the screenies is superb, by the way, and now I'll have to make some research for some of my best ups. I have to take part in this. :p

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oh, lets go ;)

1. 100xbet on DOA at Redbet, not cashout anything, cause i am still fighting for 5wilds in freespins xD


two days ago hits, cashout 300$ from 32Red :D damn i could not get 5 wilds or 5 scatters ;( love and hate this slot







russian casino, in russian roubles(damn xD), so total win is only 35$, but it nice hit, bet was 5.4



again in RUR(russian rubles, you know :D). Damn, why not in freespins :p



again RUR, but what the ***** with 4 and 5 reels? where is good symbols ?? WHERE? :) still beaty hit, but a bit suck



my best hit ever in one shot :p got freespins, bonus symbol was triton, and got 4 of them. 0.8 bet, so more than 1000xbet! Enjoy


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Ha, great screenshot Alex! :good:


Just, one small remark. Please, when you're using imageshack, copy the link for forum and than paste it here - this will allow the members to see the picture, not the hyperlink,ok? If you have difficulties, just let me know! :D

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We want yours!! :D


You don't have an idea, how much I want to post here actually, Luciana! But all I got is some great memories of a few 200-300 x bet winnings, which I have never managed to take a screenshot! :( Let's hope someday (better sooner) I will join this topic! :D

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Hiiiiiii :D


A few days ago I was searching some downloaded applications and saw that I have one called "Slotomania" :D And I decided to give it some tries again, after one or two previous that I found a waste of time :p


And I had some fun! And won some "money" :D I made screen shots of my progress :D I know this is very funny for a real gamblers, but this was exciting and important to me :D





This was a beginning with poor cash balance





Then I hit some bonuses





And now I'm a rrrrich bi*ch :D :D

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I didn't even suspect, you're not a gambler Luciana :o But more interesting is how the he.., you're dealing so many lucrative promos then? :shok:



:D Sorry to disappoint you! I'm STILL not ;)


Well, as I said in my thread about why people should share their thoughts on forum, I learned everything about bonuses here :) And still learning! Reading carefully which bonuses bring happiness and which got negative comments and then I combine it and create it with casinos! If there are a few offers I'm trying to choose the best one! So, my middle name here is theory :D For now ;)

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Great idea to start this topic ValDes! :good: And your lucky run at 32red is really awesome, havent seen such a beauty lately! :D


Thanks Darky! It would be great pleasure for me to see some of your big hits! ;)

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