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Peculiarities of hockey bets

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1. please note that before you make your first bet on hockey and start studying the odds, be especially attentive and first look at the rules of this betting company. The fact is that most bookmakers take bets on the main time of the game, while other bookmakers take bets taking into account overtime and sometimes even the shootout. The most correct (in our opinion) accept all variants with the obligatory display of these moments.

2. Frequent matches and hockey tournaments allow a more accurate assessment of the form of the teams and observe objective statistics. Due to the format of the sport, it is necessary to analyze only the most recent games and confrontations, without going into last year's tournaments.

3) Frequent penalties. This is a particular theme in hockey, due to which often one team plays on the Power Play Casino and the other in the minority.

4. Live bets are the most profitable bets on hockey. It is these bets are considered the most predictable and passable.

Analysis of the upcoming match

Having decided on the bookmaker's rules, it is possible to move on to the analysis of the upcoming match. The analysis of the upcoming game should include the study of many factors, such as:


1. What form the teams are currently in. In a losing or winning streak are the teams, what is the match total in the duels of these opponents. Often an outsider who is in good shape will defeat a stronger team.

2. The results of teams in away matches, in home matches, depending on where the game takes place in the currently analyzed match. Once again, both the outcome of the games and their results should be investigated. Often teams show very different results, playing away and at home.

3. if the match is not at the beginning of the season, it is necessary to analyze the results of the games between the opponents in the current year.

4. It will not be superfluous to remember what was the history of the confrontation in the previous season. Information on previous years is not that relevant for the NHL, because regular transfers make significant adjustments to the strength of the teams.

5. Significant influence on the outcome of the match have such private events: the change of the team coach, the withdrawal of the reserve goalkeeper, injury of a key player. The last two factors have a negative effect on the result of the team, while the first - a positive. Often the team wins the next game after the Arrival of a new coach.

Betting on hockey

Having studied the basic rules, recommendations and features of hockey duels, as well as having analyzed the teams, you can move directly to betting. Bets in hockey can be both pre-match and live (during the broadcast). On the first type has been said a lot, but it is live bets in hockey many players consider the most interesting, so we will dwell on them in more detail.

The most passable live bets in hockey

The most passable live bets in hockey - how true is this statement? This statement is based on the fact that the specifics of the sport allows you to estimate the real strengths of your opponents and quickly determine the balance of power of the teams, it is enough to look at the broadcast of the match for a couple of minutes. Thanks to the frequent penalties, teams regularly play in the minority, which creates an advantage and increases the chances of passing for certain types of bets. At the same time, the score on the scoreboard in hockey changes regularly. There are also "dry" matches, and in order not to get to such, you should also "turn on" and analyze. Among the basic tips: it is the selection of scoring teams, as well as a preview in play of the start of the match, the score and the formation of totals with the odds.

For example, with a match like Servett - Zurich Lions (see screenshot below) you can and should work! Good performance in the first period, the teams are about equal in strength and move side by side in the standings, which gives a certain advantage for the following types of bets. Also, besides individual totals and "who will score the next goal" with a score of 2-1, you should pay attention to such interesting bets as "the race to 3 goals" and "time of the 4th goal (before/after 30/35 minutes)".


A legitimate factor in favorite vs. favorite or outsider vs. outsider matches is that in most matches of roughly equal strength teams, once a goal is scored, the initiative goes to the trailing side. This factor is very well applied in live betting on the next goal. Therefore, in the above example of Servett - Zurich Lions one of the best bets could be a bet on the "next goal scored by Lions".

As you know, there are penalties for violations in hockey, and depending on the rudeness, the referee can remove the athlete for 2 or 5 minutes or even to the end of the match. In this case one of the teams remains in the minority. If the team with a numerical advantage throws the puck, it will be considered that its majority is "realized" and the offender will enter the ice. According to statistics, the realization of one's majority is approximately 20 percent. But when combined with watching the game, the percentage of probability can increase significantly.

That is why bets on totals and bets on the "next goal" in Live are the most interesting and predictable.

However, it is not so simple, because live betting has its own disadvantages. It should be noted that these disadvantages are more related to the choice of a particular bookmaker.


- Due to the frequency of implementation bookmakers regularly suspend the acceptance of  https://gaminatorinsecret.com/en/ live betting. As a rule, this happens after the score changes on the scoreboard. Some betting companies prohibit the acceptance of bets when one or another team remains in the minority. All this complicates the live game.

- Limits on the amount of bets in live mode are often not happy. As a rule, the NHL no questions arise, but for other competitions, some bookmakers may set the maximum bet no more than $ 25.

In principle, all this is typical for domestic, as well as for most foreign betting shops, but there are a number of shops, popularly called "professional", which ignore these typical regulations.

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