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Time to try a new casino

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On 8/31/2022 at 11:51 AM, cocopop3011 said:

@stanjan You can read player reviews - here

Thank you very much for the source of information. He should help me, too, with the search for answers to questions.

But, it is a pity that only cryptocurrency is used in the form of a deposit. She's not very stable right now.

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On 2/1/2023 at 9:19 AM, greentos said:

The same for every team that ever existed. If you work with the team and need to move the decision-making power elsewhere, it just shifts the blame. Some people can think the decision is wrong but nobody is wrong for making the decision even if you want to play casino games. I like such games >REMOVED> and spend my free time playing.

You edited your post to add an external spam link. Please note this is not allowed in the forum and please do not make this your intention here or I will have to block your account from posting.

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1 hour ago, DavidSchmitt said:

Wow, that is a very cool bike

@DavidSchmitt  You're yet one more new member here in the forum who posts lots of comments everywhere but making no sense no where! Your comment above is one good example. 😜

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