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Returned bet due to alleged incorrect odds

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Hi team,

Just want to get your thoughts about the usual process for betting sites in voiding bets due to incorrect odds? I just had this experience with pnxbet.com and my bets were graded as 'returned' instead of wins. According to their support this was because the odds I bet on were deemed incorrect. I was  just very frustrated because I didnt get any notification from them about the bets getting voided while in-game, they waited for the game to finish and only then they grade my bets as 'returned'. So Im not quite sure if that is legitimate, I thought it would have been fair if they returned the bets in-game considering the fact that I placed all those bets during 1st half (basketball) but they had to wait to finish the game.  I just want to know if they are binded by specific process when cancelling bets or they are free to do as they see fit even if it seems very unfair to the bettors.

P.s. Im not able to submit a formal complaint since pnxbet.com is not on the list of betting sites at the moment. If you can also help to get that going, Ill appreciate it. 

Thanks much!


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Hey there and welcome to AskGamblers Forum :) 

Our main focus is online casino slots but lots of players who are keen on sports betting in here anyway. Sincerely hope someone will soon jump in and give you a helping hand with advice. 

BTW, this topic is being moved into the correct Forum section. 

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