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Withdrawal Problems

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I am having a problem with withdrawing winnings from a casino which I will not name at this time. I opened the account in May and the beginning of June I made my first withdrawal. They sent back and email a few days later and said they don't process wire transfer to Credit Unions( I am in Canada).I ended trying again later , with the same bank info, and had a total of 4 accepted withdrawals, totaling almost 5K.

I received a wire transfer deposit in my bank on June 24/20 so figured the rest would follow shortly. Here is the problem, they keep saying they don't do wire transfer to credit unions and said it is impossible for me to have recieved one. I have copied and pasted the info from  my bank showing the deposit info but they want an official bank statement to investigate with my bank. I still have 3 accepted withdrawals, the oldest being from June 4th and it totals almost $3500.00 that they will not pay me. They have asked again for new wire transfer info which I have already submitted . So I am looking for feedback to see if anyone has ever had an issue with a casino not using Credit Unions and asking for personal banking info from a customer. Thanks in advance.

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Hey there and welcome to AskGamblers Forum. :) 

Unfortunately, we've seen lots of Canadian players complaining about having troubles with their casino payments, bank wires often being the most common issue. What we could advise here is to be as patient and cooperative with the operator as possible. If they fail to resolve the issue eventually, well, you can always use AGCCS and submit a case against the operator. 

Good luck! :good:

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Hi, So an update on my withdrawal problems. I submitted my bank info to the casino ( Miami Dice) on Tuesday July 7/20 which they received and sent to their finance team for review. After paying me one withdrawal via wire transfer weeks ago then delaying my other 3 approved withdrawals ( one from June 4/20)saying they don't do wire transfers to Credit unions. I received a deposit in my account today for $2,157.60. I am relieved but also perplexed at how a regulated casino can be so inept in their policies and procedures for their customers in paying them out. They gladly take your deposit no problem then delay your withdrawals for as long as they can.I have spent weeks arguing that yes they did send an accepted wire transfer to me and why aren't they paying me the rest of my money. They said it was impossible to send a wire transfer to a credit union and they needed my bank statement to investigate.I will wait for the balance to come and then I will be closing my Miami Dice  account. I think I will stick to my free slots on Facebook and though it doesn't pay out real money it's alot less stress. Thanks Askgamblers and good luck to all.

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