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Found 9 results

  1. Sooooo...I am have a small trip away with the family soon. We leave on the 3rd December can anyone guess where we're going? This guessing could be over in 1 post if anyone with an awesome memory (Like Afi) remembers since I did post about this months ago. Anyone hazard a guess where I might be going? P.S Guru isn't allowed to guess since he already knows.
  2. Evening all The time has come for me to take a little holiday guys, it doesn't happen very often! Taking a family holiday so I'll be away from the forum Monday to Friday, hope you all have a fantastic week and I'll catch up with everyone's posts on my return. Sharon
  3. To say the least, I am a bit surprised this one hasn't already been started! With all the discussion about favourite promotions, Christmas styled calendars and such, I am surprised nobody has thought to ask the real question! What is your favourite Christmas slot? Do you have a top 2? A top 5 even? Personally, my favourite is a bit contested at the moment. We have Fruit Shop Christmas Edition. Free spins with certain wins and multipliers (2x is still a multiplier!) in every free spins round. What's not to like? Then the new contender - I Love Christmas. 25 lines, up to 5000x win
  4. Hello everyone I know I'm doing this a few hours early but I doubt very much I'll have time tomorrow. I'd like to take this opportunity to send my heart felt and sincere warm wishes to everyone this Christmas. I'd like to wish all those who will spend this Christmas alone, and even those who don't have a home in world a very Merry Christmas. And finally I'd like to say a Merry Christmas to all of you, my friends. This forum has never just been a "forum" it's a place where friends come together and chat and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of such a great community! So I'd like
  5. Good evening everyone! I received a promo email from Fly Casino and would like to share with everyone who like to play Playtech games,so here it is.. It's the Holidays and Fly Casino will be running our Santa Surprise promotion everyday December 13-24th. The entire staff will be reaching into Santa's bag and giving away gifts daily! Promotions vary but will include: Daily Deposit Bonuses Free Play Bonuses Extra Comps Super Cool iGadets Free Cash Drawings So much more! Saturday December 12, 2015 This Saturday 00:00GMT until 23:59GMT, on your first deposit of $/£/€10 or more me
  6. Flying Casinos: Will we be gambling in airplanes? This is such an interesting read guys, and is gambling about to be taken to another level. Literally. I mean I'm not a frequent flyer by any means, but I know how boring flying can be. However, would I really want to try gambling whilst up in the air? I don't know it's a tough question actually. If the facility was there, would I try it? Maybe I would, out of curiosity. But it's so interesting that this concept is even being thought about, and already implemented in some way. What's your thoughts guys? Would you consider gambli
  7. Nope you're not reading a duplicate topic I am indeed away for another weekend! I'll be away from tomorrow morning until Sunday evening guys, but I do hope you all have a lovely weekend too with lots of wins! Just to let you know that the Highest Win of the Month will be announced on November 2nd. I'm still around tonight though, other than that I'll see you all here bright and early Monday morning!
  8. Hi my dear members! After such long festive periods (at least for me ) I'm quite curious to know whether you have put a bet or two on any online casino! To be honest, I turned the Christmas and New Year's break into an intensive gambling sessions, playing in two casinos simultaneously! One of them was Intertops, powered by RTG and the other - my favorite Bet365. So, here's the results so far: Bet365 - 5 deposits, worth 320 USD - played almost every single Marvel based slot, trying to hit one of those tempting progressive jackpots, just as I did it a few years ago! Also tried some of th
  9. Hi friends! I'm already hearing the tiny, shiny bells ringing just around the corner... Last Sunday, my little son and I had a terrific time together prepating the house for Chirstmas. Now we have a living room which looks more like a discotheque with all these glittering lights , but the kid is sooooo happy. And when he's happy, we are even happier, you know! All that's left now is to wait for the old man with the long white beard and big,big red bag to come. And frankly, knowing what great presents my son is going to get, I am ever eager than him! What about you, folks?
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