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Found 11 results

  1. Question: Is there any game that any player can win without losing money? Answer: Yes, there is! Question: Woooo! What game is that? Answer: An RTS game. Question: You mean RTG as in Real Time Gaming game? Answer: No, I mean RTS as in Real Time Strategy game. Okay, so I'm not talking about playing casino games here. A Real Time Strategy game is about pitting your brain against the game's Artificial Intelligence...brain vs brawn if you like. Such a game is RED ALERT by Electronic Arts, released way back in 1996. The entire series of Red Alert games have just been r
  2. See the picture below? Bet you know what that is, right? Yeah...that's everyone's favourite...peanut butter...or peanut spread...but that's not the question of 'did you know that...?' Hehehe. The question is even more tantalising than the peanut butter/spread itself! So, what's the question, you are thinking... Did you know that peanut butter can be as valuable as gold itself? Nope...you don't know that, right? What if I tell you now that peanut butter can be made into diamonds?!!! So every household actually have diamonds in a jar without knowing it...hahaha. Well...o
  3. Attention...? "You only want attention...you don't want my heart..." says Charlie Puth. Well...I want your attention...and I don't want your heart...too...but only because your heart belongs somewhere else. So, okaaay...what attention do I want? Well...after that marvelous solar eclipse on the 21st August 2017, Askgamblers forum went silent...well almost! Why? Has everyone suddenly lost interest? Has everyone got better things to do? Why? Why? Why? My 'why' is very simple. If you believe in cosmology, every solar eclipse would bring some changes into your 'life'. If you
  4. You know what? Back in my times, The Sun was my favourite newspaper. Why? Because you can get some cheap thrills on Page 3...but not anymore now. What's on Page 3 you may be asking? Well...it was like a page from Pornhub Casino...hahaha. But...that's not the sun that I was wondering about. This one concerns the sun that gives us the light, heat and life...without the sun, there wouldn't be us! What am I wondering about? We all know that all the planets in our Solar System revolves around the sun, right? Each planet spins and revolves...in definite regular pat
  5. Well since I have been away for sooo long and there are so many fresh faces here i wondered if we should start a new forum game. Its not really a 'casino/gambling' based game but we will make it as relevant as possible. (this is providing valdes allows the game to go ahead ) Its called ; 'Two truths and a Lie game' RULES: One player states three things about themselves, (it doesn’t have to be slot related its up to you) two of which are are true and one of them is a lie. The other players have to guess which one is the lie. The first player who correctly guesses takes the next turn.
  6. It’s Christmas so that means it’s time for a Christmas contest! No screenshots are required for this one because it’s all about having FUN FUN FUN. Everyone is welcome to take part as long as you’re a member of AskGamblers. I have come up with 40 different Christmas related questions all you have to do is answer them! However this contest will work slightly different so please pay attention to the rules. How do I take part? There are a total of 40 questions, if this game finishes before the end of the month I will add more questions when the time comes. You are only allowed ONE entry
  7. Hi guys I love the idea of Guts Christmas trivia this month! In case you didn't know they'll be asking a different question every day and you have to answer it for free treats and bonuses! Today's questions is How many reindeer's does Santa have? The answer of course is 8!! Answer it today and you'll get 10 free spins tomorrow on Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Lets help each out guys and post the questions here every day!
  8. WinADay Casino has a pretty active Facebook page where they often announce special bonuses and frequently have trivia contests with nice freebies as prizes. This week, to celebrate their 4000th Facebook Friend they're running a trivia contest awarding $50 freebies. The contest question focuses on one of the unique casino’s most popular slot games, Wild Alaska. Three players that correctly answer the question will be randomly selected to win a $50 freebie each. You have until November 23rd to post your answer on the WinADay Facebook page. Judging by responses to last week’s trivia question
  9. Okay, time for a new game I think. I know we have a few running at the moment but we all need that but of fun now again besides slots! This game is called WHAT AM I? or WHO AM I? You probably all know it anyway because its really easy and popular. All you need to do is pick a simple object/animal etc...ANYTHING absolutely anything...OR a famous person and give little clues about the thing you have chosen and we have to get who or what it is. FOR EXAMPLE For a knife I could put: I am often made of metal You use me to eat I can sometimes be sharp For Britney Spears I co
  10. Ok so I've found this on my travels of the World Wide Web and thought it be a good thing to share with you guys...answer the questions truthfully and find out what your 'slot type' is at the end. Q.1 When playing slots you... A. Stay with only one or two slot machines that you like B. You like to sample a wide range of games you like, especially if they look fun C. You play until you have made a small profit then you quit D. You always hunt for the best paying machines, regardless of the game Q2. Which are your favourite slots? A. Classic games only B. Machines with exciting b
  11. I been on the hunt for a while now for some gambling quizzes, trivia, things like that and I've put them all together to make a few different ones...anyone be interested in testing their casino knowledge against other AG members. We can do a few and then we can crown the champion quizzes at the end lol. If no one does guess its just me ....
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