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  1. honestdude

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    have to agree, Canada is losing many games lately. it's only going to get worse. Government is starting to look into the loss of revenue as well. So they are starting to restrict many software companies. I play Yggdrasil for fun only. I find their games to have good graphics. I rarely play with real $ cause they just don't have high payouts.
  2. honestdude

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    I read your post where you gave VS a good review. This is really really sad. It's also scary to play there now. They must be having internal issues. Just play elsewhere. I'm about to as well. Used to be my favorite and now I have other favorites. Karma my friend, it'll kick them in the rear at some point. That's nothing less than a thief.
  3. honestdude

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    Wow,, I mean that's about the extent of it.. Pretty scary thought.
  4. honestdude

    Wetten.com defrauded me of my remaining balance

    Just not fair gaming and curious to hear what MGA does about it.. Probably not much given the amount but multiply this by how many players they do this to. Good Luck.
  5. honestdude

    News For Canadian Gamblers

    Just another note for Canadian Players trying to deposit on Blitzstar casino using Instadebit. Their Instadebit deposit is temporarily unavailable as stated by James, their rep. So you may have to use Idebit. Here is the chat transcrit. 07:36:57 pm Hi James again.. same problem no matter if I clear cache's on both IE and Google chrome and Instadebit shows up for a half second then the window pops down and it goes to Interact and when i try to click on the window to pop back up nothing happens. SOmething wrong with your site cause doesn't happen anywhere else so I'm confused. I will however mention it on Ask Gamblers to see if anyone else has this issue and maybe someone from Blitzstar can respond to this issue. James 07:39:19 pm Hi, just a moment I will have an look 07:39:26 pm ok thks James 07:48:33 pm Unfortunately Instadebit is unfortunately at least temporarily removed as deposit method 07:50:29 pm aha, there u go, this now explains why I could not deposit. So when I tried to use idebit the screen is so large I can't seem to reach the clicking options.. this is odd.. but thanks anyhow. James 07:51:31 pm No worries you are welcome. Duration: 17m 23s
  6. honestdude

    News For Canadian Gamblers

    Also find it interesting how Netent celebrated entering the Canadian market a s per last year's post by Netent but I believe this only applied to the province of BC since I was not able to play NeTEnt software on any casinos I played in. Appended is their article. Expansion to Canada - NetEnt And if that wasn’t enough the providers have also launched on the regulated market in Canada too providing even more player growth. A range of NetEnt’s most popular games are now live with British Columbia Lottery Cooperation (BCLC) through an agreement that was made with IGT.This now marks the first entry for NetEnt on the regulated market in Canada. The integration is now complete, and their world-leading games are available at BCLC through the IGT Connect integration layer IGT is providing to the lottery. Therese Hillman who is the Group CEO over at NetEnt commented “Launching our games to players in British Columbia is an important milestone for us in our expansion in North America. Entering regulated markets is a vital part of our strategy going forward, especially within the WLA segment. I am sure that our exciting games will be much appreciated by BCLC’s players.”
  7. honestdude

    News For Canadian Gamblers

    As for casinos that accept Instadebit and idebit, (two of the most and only wallets for Canadian gamblers as I read new legislation soon to come is restricting most banks from accepting any on-line deposits or withdrawals from Casino betting are the following supplied by The Average Guy. https://www.askgamblers.com/deposit-methods/idebit https://www.askgamblers.com/deposit-methods/instadebit
  8. honestdude

    News For Canadian Gamblers

    Just wanted to start a blog for our Canadian Gamblers to be aware of regulations, availability, forbidden software, updates on payment options etc etc. I'll start with Canadian regulation and what, if anything the Canadian Government regulations are doing with regards to this $17 billion fastest growing entertainment industry. A few software restrictions to date that I am aware of so far: Feel free to add to this Netent, BTG, NYX, ELK (thanks to The Average Guy), who posted. As far as regulations and some were asking why the Canadian Government are seriously looking into regulating on-line casinos I found this article : Gambling in all its form is a major contributor to the Canadian economy. Despite this, gambling does not receive a lot of government attention. Here, are some of the key facts: CAD$9 billion dollars each year from gambling funds government and community projects Supplies over 135,000 jobs Online gambling is one of the fastest growing sectors The largest segment of Canada's entertainment industry More than over 100 land-based casinos operate in Canada Over 60% of Canadian adults have gambled in the past 3 years As Quebec launches a fresh appeal, it is important that Prime Minister Trudeau makes a stand. There is nothing in Canadian law that opposes online casinos offshore or otherwise. Failing to act in this case, means supporting a Loto-Quebec monopoly. If Canadians wish to gamble online, they should be free to do and the government should create clearer laws. Failure to provide for a modern 21st century Canada shows a lack of forward-thinking. Something Justin Trudeau should think about.
  9. honestdude

    Fastest Paying Casinos in 2019 - My List

    Yep, I find Videoslots has gone down quite a bit from when I used to play it daily. Now I need to find another canadian accepting instadebit or idebit casino. How do you find Mr. Green ? I seen Bob Casino was rated as rogue by another similar site to AG but I never has any payment issues there and it was quick as well. I found Bet365 and Omni were slow.
  10. honestdude

    NO DEPOSIT CODES (Updated on a daily basis)

    lol, nice to hear we all feel the same about Yggdrasil. I usually play for fun/practice on their games just to see what happens since I do find their graphics and inter-phase kool but to win any $ it's rare.
  11. honestdude

    PROOF: Fun Play Is Not The Same As Real Play!

    Well, I mentioned that were was documented proof on whistle blowers that have found some cheating or at least whereby the poker players were actual tied to the casinos and nobody knew till they actually investigated. I don't believe I mentioned "reputable software companies or casinos" but if you google whistleblowers for on-line casinos or software companies, you will find quite a few and some have or are being investigated. What one analyst mentioned is there was no way that even testing companies would have access to some of their games. I read one article which quoted the following: " here is one link I found: https://medium.com/@alexstargame/how-do-online-casinos-cheat-players-25a835df75df Since the RNG uses formulae to generate results, some may start to have suspicions whether or not the game organizers can fiddle with the algorithms. There are special testing agencies, which check casino game algorithms, thus fighting malpractice. On the other hand, casinos undergo licensing only in the countries where gambling is legalized. But as we know, because most countries have banned gambling, 70% of the industry is illegal, so there is no way for the majority casinos to have licenses. As a rule, it is impossible to check the fairness of online casinos, all the data about game algorithm is hidden from the players and is stored on the organizers` servers, which no testing agencies can reach.
  12. My mistake, wasn't Betson, Bitstars is who told me they wanted to not approve my documents until I needed to withdraw. I just like to ensure I am verified before I even deposit to play so they don't have to come back at me later and refuse for whatever reason. Due to this, I did not deposit.
  13. honestdude

    PROOF: Fun Play Is Not The Same As Real Play!

    Interesting topic and I admire the money, time and work Afi went through to come up with this outcome. I myself, having tested similar plays, but not as extensive, personally found a difference in fun vs real play. I lost quite a bit trying it out. On the topic of if the outcome is different when you either click stop or let the reels spin themselves, I have to kind of agree with Val since the nanosecond you click the final result is pre-determined BUT, as Afi said, YOU NEVER KNOW. My experience with this was when I played thousands on a certain game called Flip and I thought, or it seemed like I had the game figured out. I even showed this to some friends on how if I clicked at that certain time as the first reel was spinning, I increased my chances of winning . Yes, I know, this could only be coincidence, but it is difficult to explain how I was withdrawing thousands every week playing this game and it was like hey, I don't need to work anymore. There is a flaw and I found it. Guess what happened. They finally must have noticed and they upgraded the game. Now call it a coincidence but I must have put everything I won, (as most of us all do eventually), and since then, I never hit the same sequence nor won any amount above $200. Coincidence? Anyhow, Casinos have been caught many times for rigged games, softwares can be easily modified with a single switch I mean if they couldn't then how can they actually have game competitions and various "promissed" outcomes in certain time frames? This was my experience and as for the testing done on these softwares well let's face it. We are talking billions of $ and it has been proven that there has been corruption on even larger entities who test through bribes and kickbacks so why not in the billion dollar casino world ? So, I agree with both Alfi and Val but my own experience, I lean towards Alfi's testing simply because of my own observations. Those that play often, wouldn't you agree that somehow you already know how or when the game will pay or not simply by observing the certain behaviour of the game ?