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  1. pinnit2015

    Mr.Bet? Did anyone try it?

    Does Mr Bet pay you to shill the internet with your (link disabled) spam?
  2. pinnit2015

    AskGamblers Online Casino Blog

    I loathe achievement games (other that the Quickspin ones that stock the coins up that you can then covert to a free bonus round entry) - partly cos of the fact you collect the symbols or power bars on games like Vikings go beserk really quickly, hit half way and watch the frequency of them falling in drop drastically - random? My [email protected] As for Holy Diver - it's on my top 3 worst slots (for various reasons) of 2019 - see if it holds it till year end.
  3. pinnit2015

    "You're no longer VIP" rant

    If you do fancy getting something back for deposits (cash/spins/cashback) or having the odd surprise after a losing session then DO NOT go with Ikibu - I was on theirs and had one email from some chap called Winston, an offer of a 50% depo match with 90X wagering, yes just short of 100X wagering (actually more given the 50%) and a hello message. Nobonus casino, part of L&L, offer decent ish cash back. Like i said, Bet Victors was the best for me: 25% boost on losses AND wins each week - cracking. But those were the halcyon days on 2007 so probably gone now.... If you get high enough on Videoslots, you're guaranteed at least 100 euro each 5th level up - not great, but not too shabby.
  4. pinnit2015

    Mega slot wins - oh yes, it's possible!

    ***** stake - i've been butchered the last week on 2-5 quid bets but the context is good. SNG's at VS, 4 spin reward, 51p win and 2x20p spins. Mass of diamonds
  5. pinnit2015

    "You're no longer VIP" rant

    Losing Casino Heroes isn't a loss....PNG at lower RTP setting, the gimmicky loyalty battles being the two for me. Sounds like their VIP manager had a cushy job. I played at them for a bit but they literally had no reasons to ever deposit again so the accounts just sitting there gathering dust.
  6. pinnit2015

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    What you're missing: the loss of two free battles every day; replaced with 2 5 quid buy ins that give you an amazing 1/10 chance to give you back double your money: woohoooo And these new rounders SNG's....which have replaced some more freerolls. Plus point - get to round 5 in it = 2700?
  7. pinnit2015

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    I just don’t like them. Nothing more to add than that. Iv seen the odd monster hit from them but iv seen more providers with more - aside from a few PNG games I’m not really a fan of them either. I like to know what I’m playing when I slot - Low variance/High etc. But like PNG I never quite know with Yggdrasil. Sometimes feel I’m firing deposit after deposit at a game that has no hitability. I deposit and bust on Vikings so be it - nature of the beast. I do the same with double dragons I almost feel cheated
  8. pinnit2015

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    But will he find a place that hands out Hugo 2 spins like they’re going out of fashion Probably a bad time to say that the SNG weekend has happy Halloween on 50p as the game? Only joking
  9. pinnit2015

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    They pay less in general than just the GOLD ... random eh?
  10. pinnit2015

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    What’s the actual situation in which they’d invoke such a clause? I can only think it’s cos of legal issue or they’re too embarrassed/ashamed to say. As I don’t think Fiekie is the Keyser Soze of the gambling world I’ll surmise it’s the latter so possibility is win related? That’s just mental if it is and extremely short sighted. Either way: go and find another joint; plenty more 3 scatters in the sea.
  11. pinnit2015

    From Many to the Few

    Disnt even come first! Came third and got 50 spins which gave 8 quid. Whoopie do! i watched the fourth come in and was shouting ‘don’t you dare!’
  12. pinnit2015

    From Many to the Few

    Have to nip out so will be after lunch. What’s left will go into DOA - got five scatters in the VS battle the other day - was raging. Hopefully better than the 4 and 5 bonus’s I got last night (25 and 13 x wins- ooft)
  13. pinnit2015

    From Many to the Few

    Yep man - 250 depo, 100 percent match and 500 Cash. Not tried to take it out and get 250 for nothing as feeling I’ll be kicked out being brave - going 100 five quids in Bonanza. Boom or bust!
  14. pinnit2015

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    I've only been banned by two casinos: Leovegas Group, for the above and All Caddell casinos: with Caddell i was told i was a bonus abuser Er, if you mean you offer 'em and i take 'em, then yes i replied? Funnily, with Spinstation i was down 2k despite taking their offers so it seemed a stupid reason.
  15. pinnit2015

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    If i was MGA i'd not be happy with them automatically sayings that - seems, unless you're part of an elaborate fraud ring, stupid to create another layer of bureaucracy for the sake of not saying why you're doing it? Videoslots turning into a talk to the hand casino Yes, we believe a section of people are abusing are 5 free spins at 10p (soon to be 5 spins at 5p on Hugo 2) To be honest I don't think it's anything to do with wins - if the 300 quid here and there profit is tipping them over the edge then they must be in serious financial trouble. If you're 2 million up, maybe so