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  1. From here it looks like it was 170 and then zero so my opinion, it looks, was pretty much on the ball. Like i said, give up gambling., you have no control. Nothing wrong with that, you just need to admit to it for the healing process.
  2. In many ways mate i wish it was for RG purposes but it has been a growing disillusionment with slots But i thank you - very kind
  3. In terns if AG's rating of slots - clear i don't think they're good, in fact, some of the approved casinos are rubbish but its the same as any affiliate site - run with the money: pretty naive to think otherwise. So use ur your own judgement - jumpman are rubbish, so are genesis - go novibet/Mr Q
  4. Sorry, had to break from my sabbatical - are you insane? Going to be no point in registering a complaint if you continue in playing your balance. Hazard a guess it will be zero in no time as you have obviously have no self control- no offence, just how i read it. They will pay you, they might be twats but they will But its moot, as i can imagine the balance is gone by now Register ur complaint and stop playing; it really is that simple.
  5. Hi, Been a while since i was on here (days), well days, but the time is neigh and just thought i'd say goodbye to a few members: @ValDesis a pretty great mod, fair and listens, so wish you the best pal in whatever you do. Always fair in your dealings with people so kudos to you Cocopop - lovely lass, even though welsh :-p. Sorry i cannae take part in what your trying to build but i wish you all the best hen Hope you all take the casinos for what they are worth but it's time to got from here - just didn't want to say bye, w/o a bye. If anyone, can't imagine any wou
  6. To be fair, i've not disappeared from gambling, well not all, but i've grown increasingly disillusioned with it. To be fair , it took me, as a non affiliate, minutes, to see the connection so i'd expect more due diligence from another affiliate site when promoting such scum . Probably about another half dozen sites on here i could cut to shreds re their rating but, in all honesty, I've lost all motivation to even ramble about this anymore (i'm even boring myself)
  7. Yeah, with DMR on this one - accepting players from the UK isn't really a big issue for me atm, given all the things going on here, but a site that actively encourages 'non-gamstop' players is one which, in lay mans terms, is a scumbag site. Ergo, really, you really need to consider your reputation in promoting it. If you continue to give it some astronomical high rating, then you might want to look at yourself in the mirror. Personally, if AG promote this site, well, bully to all the other ratings, cos they aint worth Jack S. No need for proof as well - quite easy to see they have a bus
  8. No point tbh mate, if you don't see what the issue is here - a site that actively seeks problem gamblers is worthy of that rating, on a 'nongamstop' affiliate site? Words fail me V
  9. Exactly, trying to find a way. The WHO carry as much respect as BTG claiming their slots are random
  10. Under their testimonials - so, happy to accept deposits from problem gamblers yet excellent on here (or good or whatever). Sorry mate, but that is an unjustifiable position in being an affiliate with them, showing i guess, that money talks
  11. btw, not meaning to sound argumentative but why blacklist Bodog yet rate casinos 8.8 who actively target Non Gamstop (mystake)? I have no problem with people who want to play abroad to avoid UKGC issue, their risk and all that, but the fact you rate some of these who actively boast about Non Gamstop totally undermines the ratings here. The fact that casino is prepared to do business with such affiliates, like non-gamstop, is telling itself
  12. Re the media its true Last year - sad music playing, etc. over dramatic scenes on the bbc This year - auch carry on, wear face masks it doesnt matter Look back, you can't deny it. What changed? A political agenda, thats's what, cos the science/numbers didn't. It's a load of BS, making made by people on hop and if you're blind enough to swallow everything you've been sold, then , sorry, there's no hope for u
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