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  1. I don't think they intentionally delay the process. (The trustpilot is not recommended for online casinos ) From my experience I would wait until Wednesday. (Check on terms on the maximum time frame it takes for a withdrawal to be processed by Betway) if it's 7 days, the very next day you are able to make a complaint. Usually a lot casinos have a term that states the max withdrawal time frame. Some are 7, some are 14 days. Correct me if I'm wrong ( @cocopop3011 ) but I think the casino can take advantage of such a term if I'm not mistaken. Ps. You need to ask for a time frame by Be
  2. Sometimes casinos take a security measure by verifying your account for the second time. (Yes they can especial if you have taken a break ) There are possible outcomes. You get paid soon enough (how soon? Well depends on what your patience levels are. Today, tomorrow or next week) The money processor had indeed problems and you may been asked to request a withdrawal via another method You receive an email asking for additional verification
  3. Yeah don't worry this will be for a while. Even though it acquired the licence there are some things unclear. Therefore the launch of the website in Greece will stall. It's the only casino that still doesn't operate in Greece.
  4. Skrill mate ! Btw got decent withdrawals from this casino.
  5. so both reviews and contest winnings will be paid after 7th? Or just the contest winnings?
  6. if the casino is under the mga and uk gambling commission and owned by goliath ltd. Then yes it is.
  7. You know it could be a community related making fun of each other.
  8. I think if there was a directive about unhealthy gambling and restrictions on promoting it in a bad way, streaming communities of that kind would disappear overnight. But this is something that will eventually come up in a few years when things get really out of control. But that can be bypassed by streamers if the country they are in is not a EU country for example. See how easy it is? Many streamers started moving to Malta. Why though? I don't think it's because of the beach. If that was the case, they should have been here.
  9. whats going on with these games?! Tombstone used to trigger bonuses easily! Now, its like every 500 spins
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