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  1. Danni_Biscaynne

    Why I don't play Playtech anymore

    I don’t wanna play money games on playtech b’coz now I prefer lotto games, as they are more interesting. There's a great thrill and fun in lotteries and also a chance to win. Well, I usually play at <snip> with appropriate signals over there. The strategies and tips given here is quite useful for players.
  2. Danni_Biscaynne

    What's your WORST video slots?

    Hope I'm not reviving too old a thread! I particularly abstain from playing 7's and stripes, zombies, ronin and a few of those soccer related games. In fact it has been a while I twirled any reels since most of my time goes with lottosignals' Powerball and Pick 3.
  3. Danni_Biscaynne

    What is your preferred stake?

    I have two winning tickets from last time's lotto game on 'bb lotto signals' and I wish to show it here. I don't know how to make a screenshot (ya I am a noob) and also dont know if I am allowed to post pictures. I took some photos of the tickets and have transferred it to my computer. How to take a screenshot?
  4. Danni_Biscaynne

    What casino accept American Express ?

    Before you use your card (American Express or any other), make sure the transaction gateways are reliable and secure. I have my account on (I'm not allowed to put links) bb . lottosignals since now I don't play any other casino game for money. They do accept American Express.
  5. Danni_Biscaynne

    Hello from Betspin :)

    Thank you all for such a warm welcome. It feels nice when so many members as girl gamblers. Thanks again!
  6. Danni_Biscaynne

    Roullete Game!!!!!

    Hi pa1xtis, I also enjoy playing roulette and it is one of my favorite games. I generally use the progression method to grab a quick buck. I tried my hand at free online roulette games for practice and the 'Martingale' system does seem to work most of the time.
  7. Danni_Biscaynne

    Hello from Betspin :)

    Hello everyone... I am Danni and have just hopped aboard as a noob. Since I could not find an introductions thread, I though It would be okay here. Feels nice to be a part of this community.