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  1. I put 25 grand on France to get to the World Cup final, I use my government casino here in Canada for that wager, I’ve never done sports betting on the casinos that I play slots with, and I was just wondering if it’s safe? Many casinos offer ill kinds of action. Does anybody hear ever that’s sports for casinos I have a license in a different country like Malta or whatever. also, who’s your picked to win the World Cup and put sentiment decide to be realistic
  2. I asked for withdrawal a minute before my last post. processed. Ty ROLLERS!!!!
  3. Best NEW casino Afi…. They got it right. missing games? Of course. They’re coming. Don’t worry. i played them all mate. I know a lemon when I see one. These people got it right. No doubt about it. I hope they get nominated. WINZ didn’t win best new casino and that was not correct in my opinion. Hope ROLLERS is at least nominated.
  4. No words. One deposit Sunday morning and one withdrawal. What a run. Since Friday. Every casino is on fire for the games that I play.
  5. Actually I did read the terms. After I had my money taken. what casino gives $671 and has a 5x requirement and allows only $1000? Never seen that. but……. It’s tricky. it says MAX WITHDRAWAL IS $1000…. Not true. if I meet requirement and have 999…. It’s mine. If I turn that 999 into 10000, it’s mine. they should update that. Misleading. Better for us. End result. NEW CASINO OF THE YEAR must be considered. y’all should readily try them. I’m gonna support them win or lose. Now I’m winning like crazy but either way….. they have m
  6. I sent email to close account. he responded why? i told him I wasn’t happy with money being taken while I’m playing that led to me losing the rest of my balance. he gave me $1500 with a 5x requirement. Amazing service.
  7. Withdrawal processed in minutes. Oh boy. Watch out big boys. This little casino wants a piece of the pie!!!!
  8. So many good casinos out there. Videoslots, BitStarz, Rollers, Lucky Days and the 10.1 Winz!! But before most of these we had amazing 10+ star casinos that don’t even deserve a 1 star rating anymore. from EU casino answering emails in a week and taking 72 hours to process to cleopatra asking for passport selfie after 100 transactions and pending the withdrawal for 5 days!! A few more wtf happened include casinoluck, casumo, Redbet, 32 red, NextCasino and some others. These guys used to process in seconds, have bonus terms that were user friendly and answer sup
  9. I for 500€($671) for tournament last night bonus max win with that is $1000. i completed requirement 5x Had $400 balance. Started to play 9 coins $7 bets machine on fire. cashed out $3999.99 withdraw processed in 30 minutes interac my point is this and pay attention. Folks if you get a bonus. With requirement here..play low paying 98% rtp games until requirement is complete. $5 max bet fyi… once you complete requirements then make your move. Two weeks ago I cashed 14000 from the same bonus.
  10. Pragmatic is worse than PLAY N GO…. those drops??? Lmao. People really fall for that?
  11. Cleo has taken a turn for the worst. watch out.
  12. I've wagered enough to be able to justify what I am about to say... Pragmatic play is one of the worst providers. Quick Spin is even better. I've never understood why people like them... maybe at .40 per bet you'll win.... try betting $10 a spin and see what happens... awful provider
  13. This new casino, rollers.io definitely deserves a chance for CASINO OF THE YEAR 2022… I usually don’t pump casinos but these guys are headed the right way. Last time I pumped a casino, it was WINZ when they were new and we saw how that went. i play enough to be right. Sure ROLLERS pays fast and has mobile and has good games and surpasses the bonus standard but this casino has people there that make it pleasant to play. Support and VIP are just awesome. Tournament and cashback promotions and just clean honest no BS terms. max win from certain promotions mean
  14. I closed account there. I got fed up of their stall tactics. 48 hours is not normal. I was bitching at 6-8 hour delays. They used to process within 10 minutes. as soon as repeat withdrawals were requested on a good run…. The delays started. account closed.
  15. So I hit the grand. 5000…. The rest were not paid. A few hundred and some mystery symbols? Do I start a rant against the provider?
  16. Do not activate your free spins!!! wait until it’s processed. Don’t use those spins while pending. if you had activated them before withdrawal they would stick that 10x max win garbage on you and seize funds!!!! do not activate.
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