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  1. Strategy. Hmmmmmm as you no that all this gaming is luck, but sometimes we can bend the luck to favour us. Not by spinning, We can change your life by the way we think I’m controller actions and so many different ways, the game itself is trans unlock what goes on behind the scenes is what’s gonna decide your destinyWe can change your life by the way we think Controls our actions in so many different ways, the game itself is chance and luck and what goes on behind the scenes is what’s gonna decide your destiny
  2. I dunno if this helps. I win another 1400 since this post. Blitz at 4 per kept paying. i went to Omni Casino. My withdrawal was still pending. $1200 three days. so like an idiot I reversed and lost it. Three days pending???? I can not keep them as a favorite even though they are the loosest casino. Three days hurts my plan. I made money this month with them. More than 10k profit but the three day thing will eventually catch up to me so end result below. i need a third casino now. Something different than Dama. Lucky days and casumo don’t proc
  3. Too lazy to go through the same song and dance with y’all. I don’t lie. Thanks.
  4. Bongo cogngo and a bunch of other tiny providers pay. 200 to 300 90% of the time. playtech nevemind. Pathetic hits!!! playngo pragmatic quick fire don’t see anything from me anymore. Funny how I started making killer wins ever since I stopped with those
  5. I forgot to mention, if I start playing and I’m up $420, for example, I will pay down to 300 and make a withdrawal or I’ll just keep going to the nearest amount that makes me comfortable, every situation is different
  6. The beginning of August I have been doing something. No not “PROVEN SYSTEM” lol i am willing to deposit up to 2500 per day to make a minimum NET PROFIT of $200. As soon as I am up 200 bucks I stop playing. todays example. 1500 deposited at cleopatra and didn’t win 1000 deposited at winz and withdrew $2700 Deposits were $100-$300 at a time. Winz received 5 withdrawals. Biggest was $1003 I have not had a losing play day since I started. I have even won some $10000+ wins as posted on the video thread here. if I take
  7. Another issue…. These casinos are perfectly legal and available in Canada. They are not restricted. Why does it say this? You guys are losing out because of this. It’s incorrect.
  8. $18 super mystic. Hit supper jackpot twice. $1420000 and $115000 I think. i also won many poker tournaments. Including the Sunday tournament. There was a game that was constantly giving me 5 globes. 4.50 bet and I was getting $5000 many times. i screwed it all up and permanently excluded when the games just stopped paying. must have lost 100k back in the day after being up 200-300k minimum. now… we have a new casino that pays. Never seen playtech pay like this anywhere. Omni casino… my rtp must be 2000% since I opened account years ago.
  9. there is obviously an issue on this site..... half the you tube links don't show video here..... my last post... did it twice... only one shows...
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