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  1. TRM

    Lowroller Challenge

    ok think I will have to contribute some more to this payday has finally arrived yesterdaY yayyyy I mean awesome lol
  2. TRM

    Use Mobile Casino no deposit on pc!

    I have just added this too chrome and wish I knew of it earlier also biggie I was able to change lines and also switch bet size maybe its been fixed or updated to allow this now?
  3. your not lying there I thought this email was spam I got about this info find it crazy now 32red will be missivo Gibraltar-licensed operator 32Red has entered into an agreement to acquire the UK customer data base of Go Wild Casino from its Malta-licensed parent company Go Wild Malta Ltd. extracted from gamingintelligence..com/manda/27802-32red-acquires-go-wild-casino-s-uk-customer-database
  4. TRM

    Lowroller Challenge

    I might just start right now lol but already had a few days and its been bad man almost pulling out my hair not even no deposit bonuses really favouring me lol
  5. TRM

    Lowroller Challenge

    nice one big88 is this with a bonus or not?
  6. not sure if this will help jonhny but maybe worth a shot google search this ---> How to Record Your iPad's or iPhone's Screen (No Jailbreak or Computer Required) lol why has this made a link when it was just text ok maybe a hyperlink hope I dont get my bum smacked for this all your fault anyway johnny hope it helps and works man
  7. TRM

    Lowroller Challenge

    for the contest yes and like biggie says if you get 100x or over then you can just call it a day and do what you wish with the rest of your day cocopop I think anywayz maybe you have to wear boxing gloves so you cannot play the rest of the day tho better ask biggie
  8. TRM

    Lowroller Challenge

    sounds like a sound plan I'm defo in and also hope to be in the money also
  9. TRM

    Dead or Alive

    this pic actually encourages people to try this for themselves note to self it isn't gonna happen unless I change my name to valdes and wear a mask and somehow walk casually into the bank and ask to empty my bank account and the account name please certainly I'm mr valdes of course lmao.
  10. TRM

    Winner Screenshots under x100 your bet!

    17/08/14 Freespins bonus Complete Bonus release 0,34 GBP and a couple of spins on Avalon with a couple of lines deducted lol 7 out of 20 lines I do think I was lucky here my little winner.
  11. TRM

    5 Scatters Topic

    interesting this valdes if we all played knowing the rules will it really I mean really make us luckier tho just look at your balance again and also them 5 scatters on doa then think did reading the paytable actually help you win or anything m8 its ok luciana to not be bothered by them daunting paytables if your going to get paid well simply your going to get paid its only a 1 or 0 after all on each spin that will decide a random 1 or 0 I think anyway I may be wrong. and valdes just hit a big fat one there damn nice 5 scatter bye the way valdes p.s luciana probably didn't bother reading them paytables like many if she normally or mostly just plays in fun mode maybe and that's not lazy is it?
  12. Hi katemak got a question if you don't mind me asking was your win on wishmaster also for real cash and no bonus or that to wager? ps lol I even had to correct my typo again must be this keyboard it keeps typing wishamster instead of wishmaster
  13. TRM

    Do you read the Pay-Tables?

    Do you read the Pay-Tables? well of course over and over once is never enough
  14. TRM

    Winner Screenshots under x100 your bet!

    so damn true but not from experience I'm wiser than that and don't need drink to lose lol only play drunk with a strict and fixed budget meaning plan ahead before you get drunk and whatever you do man don't spend the damn beer money