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  1. Ok I think its about time this kicked off I'm going to try and throw a monkey wrench into this Infernal Machine . I Allege that Artificial Intelligence is being used to Profile All Players Ilegally in many regards under the guise of Identifying potential marketing niche markets : Its my understanding that such Profiling and Player Classing is being used to database players Illegally without legal permission to do so in many Juristicions and is not being investigated or is being overlooked . Such Profile Data Management is Networked to most Software c
  2. I used 2 i reset the router simple simon stuff then magically was able to login obviously there was a block . Honestly if one Trustable Casino Appeared in Costa Rica Right now I'd Join long as they were quick payers with high withdrawal limits and lots of slot games swore I'd never play in that Juristicion but hey these are tricky times we live in rofl .
  3. An operation with withdrawal limits like this : EUR 500 per transaction, EUR 500 per day, EUR 10,000 per month should not high ranking that is a backyard garage operation with minimal liability conditions set with bonus clauses being invoked at a whim they are a 2 max out of 10 I think its time certain reviewers here took a closer look at what they are reviewing and I've got some detailed surprise reviews coming that are going to shock a few watch this space .
  4. I've seen some strange stuff in my time but that ones a new one well as an extra added precaution im now recording all sessions im starting to run into ridiculous security question requests as well this might be some kind of practical joke but when their watching themselves on youtube I assure you it wont be right doing it .
  5. This is general question to the community : Upon attempting to log into a casino are you presented with the following 1. Can't click on the login button . 2. Find the chat somehow is available but nothing else is . 3. You get asked to clear cookies and use Incognito mode . I'm just curious about something I had reset my ip to log into two casino's recently and i know it wasn't at my end as I had three others I logged into successfully also I checked with both support teams apparently "zero" technical issues so I'm left wondering was an A.I Syste
  6. Playing it by the numbers will get them so far Niche markets can come and go and the thing is you need to maintain the fish and I'm not seeing much insentive tricky document requests , lack of bonuses , and Ultra High Variance : a lot are nieve to some degree but it doesn't take much for one to work out that they have 5 Bannanas if I Takes 4 Bannanas away it leaves me with 1 so eventually the fish will vanish .
  7. They Sound Rogue submit a complaint at AG man I've heard this one before .
  8. Its getting to the point where even the old style slots are being changed I hardly recongise the new MGS Nine liners and taking the bet denominations aways who makes these decisions it was good how it was why change a good thing : ten bucks its young buck businessmen thinking they know a new way how to increase profits well news flash like mastercard found out hundreds of millions later its not such a great idea and also start checking resumes for fake certification you want qualified people calling the shots the right shots to increase business and maintain client bases .
  9. Ok .... So I've been keeping an eye on things this has gone far enough all these new High Volatility and Ultra High Volatility Games I consider to be nothing but money suckers its actually becoming a rarity to see medium variance these days : profit is driven by greed I mean software companies , casinos , and certain organisations are all out to get money they all work together hey its their business I'd do it too . But I'm a player I'm on the other side of the fence and what I see is these 50,000x the bet games emerging that hardly pay anything and proc the featu
  10. They shouldn't even be allowed to ask for these documents over the internet basically its inviting fraud the type of stuff their asking for people use to obtain credit not only that but they don't really have the right to ask anyone outside of the home country far as I'm concerned its a Draconian Rule that's begging to be challanged in court and it will at some point : if governments are information gathering and using casino's to do their dirty work that's an invasion of privacy and human rights . You could get a lawyer and simply refuse to provide documents if your li
  11. Could be the region might be the bank [shakes head] all I know is I be slummin since Net+ vanished rofl .
  12. Right now this very second ....I can't find anything that beats RIZK Casino 30 mins by card 1-3 bank transfer .....I see that Tsars Casino looks attractive but their lacking a few things withdrawal limit and fees if they fixed those every tom , ***** , and harry would join em I think . https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/reviews/tsars-casino EWallets: 0-1 hours Card Payments: 0-1 hours Bank Transfers: 0-1 hours Cheques: Not offered Pending Time: 0-24 hours I mean that's what I'm talking about just that withdrawal limit and f
  13. We can use Skrill but its the same ole story with that bank withdrawal takes a while to get that money ; I weighed up a few options .....crypto is not worth it no commerce or green dealers ...so yeah its been that case of visa withdrawals with fast funds option being the best way but ...yeah maybe one day neteller will bring back mastercard/net+ cards for New Zealanders why they took it away is anyones guess in the grand scheme of things makes zero difference that they did ... appreciate the idea bro cheers .
  14. [sigh] its just nonsense what's going on honestly Cocopop3011 there's no consistency anymore payment times are just all over the place honestly one minute its 24 hours , the next a couple of days , and then 5 days begs the question whats the deal here . The last time I mentioned about this I paused for effect to allow them to get their stuff together but it seems nobody was listening what do you have to do here name names and provide evidence its like telling off children but this is business part that bothers me is how I'm audaciously told about how a payment is
  15. Few pointers for the casinos having "Technical Difficulties" : 1. Qualifying the customer usually comes with the establishment of trust big point there . 2. Not all feedback should be viewed negatively it should be looked upon as a chance to grow and learn . 3. Open mindedness allows a business to move with the times going forward .
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