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  1. Looks like it's your lucky streak turn now mate! Enjoy it and keep them coming!
  2. WOW maaaan...huge wins there...congrats...but these should really be in the Mega Wins thread instead...hehehe. Hmmm...and I thought you're just an average guy doing average bets...ooooh boy...was I wrong!
  3. Just got this some minutes ago...a small pimpy win but a win no less, hehehe.
  4. Nothing big...nothing great...just to keep them coming... The recently 'upgraded' Safari Heat is playing like you-know-what...damn hard to get any good wins now...thank god there is still an old version of True Love at one other Asian casino!
  5. Yet another game that goes 500 spins without giving even one Free Spins game? Hmmm...definitely not my kind of game...high variance or whatever. One more to pass...next?
  6. Afi4wins

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    Talk about Amatic games, Hajnrih comes to mind...he simply loves Amatic and Merkur games.
  7. Afi4wins

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    That reminds me of a time when I tried out many of Yggdrasil games in the fun mode...after a short span of spinning, the games became boring...no fun even in the fun mode! Hahaha.
  8. Hours playing to get them? NAAAAAH...days!
  9. Afi4wins

    My first play of Queen of Riches

    The bet was $2 mate...shown at bottom left of the screenshot.
  10. I guess those 'catches' came from Guru's recent 'fishing' vacation...or maybe not...but keep them coming Guru-san!
  11. Afi4wins

    My first play of Queen of Riches

    Woohoo...yeah maaan...you know what...that's what...a huge win! And a belated congrats for you man...that's what!
  12. Good for you my dear! As for me, I've just used up all my winnings from the Asian casinos, but not including the bundle I had reserved and used for other personal expenditures of course, hehehe. Now it's back to crawling time...need to go slooooooooow again...to regulate the 'wastages' against the 'fun' thing...hahaha.
  13. Hmmm...things are getting rather quiet here in this thread...so let me liven it up a bit...hope it doesn't bore anyone...
  14. Afi4wins

    Mega slot wins - oh yes, it's possible!

    OUCH...that really hurts! Why this Super Mega Win when playing on 0.20 bet and not on 5.00 bet???!!! Well...I'd blame it on the blardy AI...as I would usually do...but you can blame it on whatever else you want mate, hehehe, but anyhow, that win really really SUCKS!
  15. Afi4wins

    "You're no longer VIP" rant

    Hmmmm...I'm feeling sad after reading your VIP story Blondie...but such is the situation nowadays with a lot other casinos too. A VIP level can revert back if no deposits are made within a certain period or number of days...so what's the blardy advantage of climbing up the VIP ladder anyway if only to lose everything and drop back to square one?! Yeah...I had come across a few instances of such rulings myself. and I would avoid such casinos totally...or if I already have an account, I would quickly close them! No hesitations...no regrets! Well, I don't talk rubbish, and I don't talk empty either...today, I had just closed all my Tranello/Araxio casino accounts...Boaboa, Cadoola, Campobet, Casinia, Malina and Yoyo...not one single Tranello account remains with me now...and many more other casinos to follow suit soon enough! So Blondie my dear, RIP that Casino Heroes and move on...you won't be missing out on anything either, hehehe.