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  1. I had a look into my private messages and NO i repeat again There is NO bonus Code From This Casino Operator!!.. Not Cool ! Yes he said that. But i dont have any Message from him Sorry Cocopop would be nice if you can Help me. Cause this is really a bad behaviour. Greetz Chris
  2. Why you did not send me a code ?! i was in the time you have forgotten me ?! That is unserious from you .
  3. Username: chriskay 21.10.2018 Claim and Thanks!
  4. Hello i want to send you an info theres a new online casino called flamantis There is also the chance to get 10 freespins by a forum post wish you good luck at that <EDITED> NOTE FROM MODERATOR - CHRISKAY Please do not use web addresses as your titles, nor in forum posts, thank you. Sharon
  5. chriskay

    Discovered something unexpected.

    Ahh okey valdes, thanks for your words, now i got it . In this way i did not thaught that they will disable this kind of players complaints , by using this rule;)) May i will just take my time to decide if i play here or not when it will happen, i will tell you all what i experianced in this Casino;)
  6. chriskay

    Discovered something unexpected.

    Hey Toiletseat ouh ok that i did not know that for sure most online casinos hav something like this in thei agb.. I know a player from a german forum he played at a playtech city club and they closed his account as he won big.... since i heard this, im carefully for sure. I also never experienced stuff like this and this is why i opened this treat to get some infos from old rabbits @Irene this is why i like askgamblers
  7. chriskay

    Discovered something unexpected.

    They mean, Gambling and betting may be illegal under the laws of a players country resident right?! Sorry my english is not the best , but i will try to explain: So my opinion about that is they will take this as a reason, that they may will close some Accounts in the future when this casino is running good to scamm some money . I think they will close accounts of bigwinners- and for sure they will look on that players country rules, to get their own buisnees succed !? For sure i will not say that they would close evry players account but in some randome fact it could be for sure ! There are alot of blacksheeps ONline and Alive like cityclub
  8. hello guys yesterday late in the night i did found a "How it seems" a brand new Novomatic Online casino. There is No "Nodeposit" so i cannott tell you anything about this casino. But there was something that get my attention on the AGb#s of thissite. Could it be, that they take this rule some day in the future to close simpley some account by time after time, it could be a scammer rule? What do you know ?! I would say be carefull?! ""2. Online Gambling and betting may be illegal under the laws of a player’s country of residence. In such cases, the player may not make use of the services of the company. The company will not assume any liability whatsoever in this regard and will not reimburse the player for any disadvantages suffered by him/her as a consequence of the violation of any legal provisions that may be applicable to the player. The player shall rather ensure that s/he acts in accordance with the statutory provisions applicable to him/her from time to time."""
  9. chriskay


    hey im sorry aemakgol that you are thinking this way. If you know , originally i opened my jollyseven treat to talk with my people from germany , Who are registered here. So i think member from germany are not so often online on Askgamblers and i took it in a dissapointing way that nobody replied, just only someof the loyal admins :I so i tryd do start a new topic where i could talk with people over some stuff . but ok if you dont want to ..!
  10. chriskay


    Hello Guys, there is a Kgr ONline casino with the new Slot dracula. I like this slot very much, and yesterday i hit some reaL BIg . I just hit the blood mode feature and 2 spins after i did get into the freespins. with a amazing win and cashout i leaved my slotmachine and chilled alittle. The payout are also made very fast on skrillor neteller!
  11. chriskay


    Wahuu meine auszahlung ist heute angekommen , und bringt mir somit wieder neue Mögkichkeiten im Jollysevne spass zu haben ! Ich muss sagen Dracula und triple x als ob golden fruits gefällt mir hier neben dem Livecasino am besten!
  12. chriskay


    A little bit dissapointed about the german members of this forum , seems that nobody is interested and want to give a talk or something else what ever i deposited yesterday 25 euro with a bonus amount and played on 40 cents up to 80 cents. I had a long play time, and some different winnings on my side and also a lot of fun but now i made a mistake i rased up the bet higher and my bankroll went down really fast . Shortly before my wagering requriements would be finished i had a big none luck :S what else this is gambling i had alot of fun and also cashouts stay tuned and have fun !
  13. chriskay

    Closed: Recommended Casinos List

    I just like really much the Livedealer from jollyseven and also Tipico and Paf is a very beautiful place to play and have some fun !
  14. chriskay


    hier ein gewinn von gestern anscheinend lief es nicht so wie gewollt;Phttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=742381629105963&set=gm.276796609152515&type=1&theater hope this link is allowed?