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  1. katemak

    Baby I am back

    Thank you my dear Guru and by the way didn't i tell you ...after you,Afi... it's always my turn...hope we all have lucky streak and it will last a little bit longer
  2. katemak

    Baby I am back

    About my bet,first i started with 0.40 my usual bet and since the game was on fire i was raising it,step by step...haha
  3. katemak

    Baby I am back

    Yes lovely...will withdraw almost all of it and thanks Sharon wish you hit the same
  4. katemak

    Baby I am back

    Hello my lovely Askgamblers people I guess my lady Luck decided to join me and her come back was on big roll,this is my biggest win so i am very,very HAPPYYYY thank you dear Lady Luck
  5. Didn't catch the actual win but you can see it and it's not free spins its from the base game,triggered DIAMONDS
  6. uhhhh...sexy lady go Afiiii...our Afi been naughty
  7. katemak

    NO DEPOSIT CODES (Updated on a daily basis)

    I did deposited yesterday there and took that bonus,maybe they will return it back hehe
  8. katemak

    Weird Experience with Betchan

    I think you are wrong Fiekie,IBAN and SWIFT are totally different,IBAN is your bank account and SWIFT are initials of the city of the bank then country and few digits at the end which i don't know what is their meaning ,well that's for my country
  9. katemak

    Bonus Ban at all Skill On Net casinos

    Sharon i have pmed you,can you please check?
  10. katemak

    AG Coin is Now Live !!!

    I already have account there,so not me
  11. So sorry to post that late but yes i received the money although a bit later since i wasn't aware that i have money in my account,so thank you AG and big thanks to Sharon and of course our dear Guru