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  1. Anyone Here? Actually my complainte has been closed due to inactiviy of casino770. what am i suppose to do next ??!
  2. Valdes, Did You get me? i explained everything and what do you suggest me.... it s been almost a month
  3. i am waiting and i am really pissed off
  4. Thank you very much for your help. Any news or update regarding my case with casino770 ? I Have provided all proof and evidance and if there is anything else missing, kindly let me know. it s been 1 month and this nightmarre is still going on.
  5. i have sumbited 2 complaints and ye it s not approved yet? will U Check please
  6. Hi everyone i am glad to find this website which give me a hope. i have had explain my iusse with casino770 i have attached an complainte and made a post with all info. Now i am going to try for last time with them if not all the worst to them as they treated me like fool although it s my money I Guess i have to be more careful with those casinos which are nowadays are unsafe. any help would be highly appreacited guys all the best for you Specially ValDes
  7. HeyEveryone first of all, i wanna thanks owner and webmaster and all stuff of this website which gives hopes and helps slove those iusses, i will explain the problem i am having with casino770. I Have been member of casino770 since almost 2/3 Years. never had a problem untill last Month. I Deposited funds plus one Ticket-permuier which valued 100Euro. and i Played but unfortuntely i lost afew euros and i decided to withdrawal so i did ask first withdrawal. * Reimbursements in process Date & Hour Amount 2012-09-24 17:40:49 344.00EUR In process So i was wating and while waiting i want
  8. Hello i am actually member of casino770 since almost 2 years, i used to play and enjoyed it and i always funded my account with neteller. last month, i funded my account with neteller + One Ticket Preimuer which i bought valued 100Euro. Casino Riva -20.00 Accepted 01-10-2012 Casino Riva -50.00 Accepted 01-10-2012 Casino Riva -50.00 Accepted 01-10-2012 Casino Riva -50.00 Accepted 01-10-2012 Casino Riva -250.00 Acc
  9. I am Having almost Same iusse as i used to play there i funded my account 500Euro and i played and lost and i asked for withdrawal and it s been over 3 weeks and they not yet sending funds back to my account? I Am absolutely fed up by thier service and automatic replies. Anyway could helps or suggest how can i get my funds back since it s still proccessing? that is really pissed me off I Am Gonna contact MY BANK And Check with them, how can i act against this situation as it seems very wired and not cool. please guys stay unite
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