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  1. cocopop3011

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Finally! Enjoy your winnings and thanks for letting us know.
  2. cocopop3011

    Wetten.com defrauded me of my remaining balance

    Hang in there I wasn't expecting you to get a quick reply...have a bit more patience and keep us posted of course.
  3. cocopop3011

    Mr.Bet? Did anyone try it?

    Hi Julia I assume you mean THIS casino? Afraid I haven't played here as my country is restricted. Maybe some of our other members have though.
  4. cocopop3011

    My first play of Queen of Riches

    I think that has happened to the best of us!
  5. cocopop3011

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    So the next one still hasn't been approved yet?
  6. cocopop3011

    Casino-Mate - Caution if using Ecopayz

    Whoopie!! Great news indeed. Enjoy your winnings.
  7. cocopop3011

    My first play of Queen of Riches

    A win is always better when you don't even know how much you should be getting! And in all honesty, you may never get to replicate this win again ... just the way it goes. But very impressive, well done.
  8. cocopop3011

    Can a Casino decline a withdrawal?

    Good luck and I hope you get through that wagering and have a nice withdrawal! Keep us posted.
  9. cocopop3011

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Better late than never! Keep us posted on the next one.
  10. cocopop3011

    Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!

    Never bored of seeing your incredible wins Afi! Always makes me want to go and play somewhere straight away and then I realise what my bank balance is Nah just kidding, I've still got money left in the pot from my withdrawals at the start of the year...just haven't managed to get lucky again yet.
  11. cocopop3011

    "You're no longer VIP" rant

    Loyalty sucks sometimes, even though I don't play or deposit as much as you guys any more I do still have select few casinos I stick with and I'd never made it as a VIP but hardly ever get loyalty rewards anymore.!! The other half players a lot less too so I can't evem use any he used to get! Going back a few years ago my inbox would be packed. But in all the years I've been playing I've never been made a VIP. But I think I have to agree with the other comments and move on to the next casino. Their loss!
  12. cocopop3011

    AskGamblers Online Casino Blog

    I think it was always going to be hard to come up with a list that everyone was going to agree upon, impossible in fact considering we're all so different and the fact this blog narrowed it down to just Viking-themed slots was even harder!
  13. cocopop3011

    Question regarding Bonus at Bettson Casino

    Yeah completely lost on this one too sorry, maybe you could try and explain a but more?
  14. cocopop3011

    Can a Casino decline a withdrawal?

    Have you ever experienced any issues playing the way you do?
  15. cocopop3011

    AskGamblers Online Casino Blog

    5 Viking-Themed Slots You Don't Want to Miss