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  1. In response to Valdes, i'm not too bothered whether you pay me or not i just wanted to express how my experience with a certain casino was, paying $5 for each review is a bonus and would be appreciated but again, i'm just happy to say my piece.
  2. ManchesterUnited2020

    Casino's Sister/Brother Sites

    I like to read through a fair amount of the Casino reviews and complaints at AskGamblers. I noticed many unresolved cases are due to players having self-excluded themselves from a parent site to the one they won from. Due to this the money they win cannot be paid as of the rules and regulations with another site, however the player is unaware of the link. Should these sites advertise their connection so that the player is aware of this? .
  3. thought I would get back on the band wagon https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/ikibu-casino-review/#review-5915bfaf7528f780ca8b45f6 Ikibu https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/dunder-casino-review/#review-5915c30d7528f73c0b8b45ee Dunder https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/virgin-games-casino-review/#review-59165b727528f748f98b46b0 Virgin Games https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/boylesports-casino-review/#review-591660247528f730f98b4889 Boyle Casino https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/playojo-casino-review/#review-591a3aea7528f787f68b4f5c PlayOJO Apologies if some of my reviews aren't upto standard as I was reading through a few topics I noticed a recent update was implemented on reviews.
  4. ManchesterUnited2020

    Can you recommend your best online casino?

    Long time since i've been here, since i started gambling online i've probably had over 1000 accounts across thousands of online casinos. Closed about 95% after struggling to handle my addiction. But back to the topic as a UK player I would advise you to play at the major casinos (William hill/ Betfair/ Sky) just to name a few. With the big casinos you don't have to worry about the little things because the little things make all the difference. As an International player I would suggest going through the reviews section and choosing a safe place to deposit and play, my mistakes were to always jump at the new casinos and claim the first deposit bonuses. Any casino with a low monthly/weekly maximum withdrawal is a no go, unless you are a low roller and like to cash out double your deposit.
  5. ManchesterUnited2020

    Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!

    83EUROS!!! That looks like a 300EURO payout at the least, such a shame but well done!
  6. ManchesterUnited2020

    Guru is on a hunt for Free Spins offers :)

    Guru try Slotaway casino, they offer a free no deposit bonus, a random amount from £3-£1000, i got £3 Might have to use bonus code SNPE37, and a card needs to be registered. They offer great games
  7. ManchesterUnited2020

    What's your WORST video slots?

    I actually had a good relationship with space wars, i wouldn't add it to the list its a decent game and the graphics are cool Never played Isis let alone the multiplayer version, same with Avalon, how do these mulitplayer rules work i never have the time to read through the rules! As for the list, would i be hurting anyones feelings if i said put Attraction on there, it just feels so dull!
  8. ManchesterUnited2020

    Unreal losing streak

    Play Deck The Halls, Franken Cash, Lucky Witch or Break Da Bank Again, you can thank me after
  9. ManchesterUnited2020

    Unreal losing streak

    I play the football pools every week for the last 5-6 years, you pick about 10 teams and if they all win you get around £500-£800 for a £1 stake.... I have only won twice and it was in the same week! Also i'm outside quite alot, i never find money but during 1 month i found 4 £10 notes in different locations, not found any money since! Its all about luck and when lady luck is shining down on you just be aware and take it with both hands!
  10. ManchesterUnited2020


    Not the part where i live!
  11. ManchesterUnited2020

    What's your WORST video slots?

    I meant Crime Scene The blue background, net-ent game, absolutely hate it!
  12. ManchesterUnited2020

    What's your WORST video slots?

    Crime Case, absolutely diabolical!
  13. ManchesterUnited2020

    What games would you like added to Ask Gamblers?

    I dont really like playing games for free play but would be nice to see Viz slot added here, just so i can chase 4 or 5 feature symbols!
  14. ManchesterUnited2020

    What is your favourite bonus round?

    Favourite Free spins bonus - Zeus/Deck the Halls, stacked wilds are my favourites, or Mad Hatters bunnys with extra wild...or of course Great Blue....too many to choose from Favourite Bonus bonus - Rainbow riches leprechauns bonus. Favourite pick bonus - Franken Cash Frankenstein bonus
  15. ManchesterUnited2020

    Are We All "Always A Loser"?

    Since i started gambling i'm down about £6k, i'm gonna try to forget about it now.