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  1. wow Wagering requirements: NO wagering - any winnings on the free spins are free to withdraw......now thats awsome!! Thanks, ill let you all know how i go. Make sure you register details, confirm email then confirm phone to get this bonus, support where very cryptic but after 20min with them i got the credits, now to play them Tried to make my account a "real account" and i got a real life bug haha "Check your date of birth (Yes, ladies too.)" I used my real DOB, 15/12/1986 so im confused... support said this: Anyway we got to the bottom of it, i changed my DOB to 15/01/1986 and it worked, support where very helpfull and left a note on my account about it Well i got 99cents from my free spins, seems like alot of work for 99cents not to mention i would charge a company more for my details then that...
  2. Me: i need to claim: [iNSERT LINK HERE] Me: i made account like i was told, not it told me to contact you. Helen: No worries, I will be here for you, and I will check everything for you Me: thanks Helen: Just checked, and I can see that your account has been automatically locked by our system, Scott Me: locked? Thank you for using our live chat service. Your current chat session has now ended You are now chatting with Helen Me: what happend? Helen: Welcome back, Scott, lost you back there for a second Me: why did you close chat? Me: ohh no worrys Me: you mentioned my account was locked, what does that mean? Helen: You will receive via e-mail a new account, in the shortest time possible, Me: im sorry Me: i dont knwo what you mean Helen: Your account has been locked, since you selected a wrong currency Me: i didnt select wrong currecny Me: my moneybookers is in USD Helen: The accepted currency in Australia is AUD, and I can see that you have selected USD as currency, Me: all my online trading and activity is in USD Helen: Nevertheless, our system only allows AUD as currency for players from Australia Me: ok so what happens now? they will email me instructions on how to make a new account? [6 min later] Me: so what happens now? [7 min later] [...i almost gave up] Helen: In a few moments, your new account will be ready, and then you can make your first deposit here with us, and a huge 100% bonus and 50 free spins on Thunderstruck II ! Me: no, look Me: I have a no deposit bonus of free spins i linked you the url [LINK URL AGAIN] Me: it says no coupon necessary just contact support. [wait another large amount of time maybe 4-7min] Helen: Our systems also detected that your account shares similarities with multiple accounts, Scott Helen: And we can only issue the free sign up bonus once per Person / Household / Shared Computer Environment Me: Thats not possible i only have 1 email and thats what i registered this with. Helen: However, I can assure you that this amazing bonus will boost your chances to score a huge win here with us Me: you are wrong Me: how can we correct this? Helen: I could do something very special, and add your free sign up bonus on top of your first deposit bonus, Me: stop fucken trying to sell me junk and get to the root of the problem, being you trying everything in your power to refuse me the bonus im entitled to, i have made it clear you are wrong, its not possible for me to have another account with similarities... care to elaborate or actually do your job instead of trying to constantly up-sell me junk while im trying to sort out our current problem, why would i deposit with you when you cant even stick to a simple promotion and use strange tactics to try and make me deposit. Obviosuly they do everything they can to insure they dont have to give any bonus, i have never had a account here, i only joined this "comunity" of "no deposit players" 2 days ago.... Its simply not possible, so i know they are full of ***** here in this instance.
  3. very laggy casino, the entire page is in flash, makes for a hard time playing if you are linux, very laggy GUI. Signed up with link, entered code in the cashier page under coupon, it said i have 25 free spins, you must use these on the game "max cash". I would stick to HTML5 games or inbeded flash, having the entier site as flash makes it very laggy and not really cross platform user friendly. Game is hidden due to there GUI, you must click "video slots" then click search and type in "max cash" or you will never find it gui: 5/10 (bad ratting just due to lagg but overall it does look is very nice and each game has a unique custom touch) technology: 9/10 (custom games, very up to date) experiance: 3/10 (due to gui lagg) won from my free spins: I did 25 spins and walked away from "max cash" with $5.35, 101 coins.... Based on 40x what is the "free spins" value?, see if i can wager it up and away and cash any out?
  4. Sounds really cool... I actaully just went on facebook on my real account and made a real testimony for a casino, the only won i have had a good experiance with. Got 5$ free and worked it up to 800$ the casino let me cashout 100$ real money into my real moneybookers account i was very happy, and it only took 4 hrs and they asked for no ID. Very happy ill be sure to write a review, the casino was luckylive i thought it would end up dodgy due to the bad software and crappy site layout but im still in shock they actaully let me withdraw.... 1 tip, blackjack optimum strat with live dealers, count how many decks in the shoe and wait a few hands to get a count then play. Ok i did it haha My Review: /casino/lucky-live-casino-review-r4242 I consider my review to be worth a bit for i have never reviewed anything in my life hahahha And let me tell you now, that 5$ ill be putting ruight back into lucky live casino lol... This second one isnt a review and i dont expect a fiver from it but its a warning... No black jack at Win A Day... casino/win-a-day-casino-review-r3972#leave-comment