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  1. No need to do that my friend. Lost everything today - the sheriff of Nottingham took everything from my pocket, that damn son of a bit%%
  2. Thanks Valdes. Haven't think in that way about the situation and since I play quite often at Casino on net, there was a real possibility to receive a kickout from the entire 888 group! I shall remind myself more often that gambling is not a joke.
  3. Hi Sami. I tried today's offer, but without much success. Anyway, at least it was interesting.
  4. Thanks for your explanation New Dawn, but I still continue to believe that your bonus terms are too complicated and rather fustrating for the usual player. I am telling you all this, because I know from personal experience that as plain the bonus terms are, as satisfied the customers are. And suppose you know better than me that a satisfied customer always turn back and deposit again.
  5. I doubt there would be anyone with a real gambling thrill in his blood, who can resist the biggest deposit bonus in the entire gambling history And speaking for the gambling history, I'm already a tiny part of it by participating in this promo. So far I have a balance of almost 19 000, only 81 000 still to make and here I am - richer with 100 000! By the way, could someone give an advice whish of the slots has the highest denomination? That would help a lot in my search of the bigger possible wins, right?
  6. Wow, Valdes! That guide makes my skin crawls - it sounds very very very scary indeed, but also very very very true! That's the nature of gambling, I am afraid. As soon as you start the fun, and you already have to take care of so many things - lost of money, addiction, etc! Thanks for the wonderful article, I think it would be of great use for every gambler here.
  7. From all the five casinos I haven't played in only one and that's Begado. None of the four casinos, managed by Affactive has ever paid me in a timely manner, although all my withdrawals were for amounts equal or less than 100 USD. All types of excuses, run arounds and bad casino tricks made me run away from them and now I see it was for good. But let me tell you something - I don't believe the story is over yet! There would be more fireworks to see from these nice guys, remember my words.
  8. Ok, this bonus looks great, I admit that. And incidentally I'm not registered at Slotland yet, so... I guess that will be my one of my tries in the few days after Christmas. But one question first. I have played at win a day casino some time ago, would that be a problem to get the bonus in Slotland?
  9. So, players from Germany are once again in the group of privileged. Yes, I see SlotoHolic is mister nice guy, but hey wait a little, what about the cute guys and girls from other countries, like Bulgaria for example?
  10. My point of view is completely different while we are talking about the players location. I think that as bigger the country of the player is and as many players come to the casino from it, the bigger their chances to hit a jackpot are. The jackpot may be random, but don't forget dear Valdes, that the number of playing customers has a significant role in this randomness, because the bigger the number of that group of players is, the bigger is the chance for some of them to hit it. That's pure math, at least I think so.
  11. I didn't play at 888 from years. Maybe they have forgotten about that already and will try to get this terrific bonus - muhahahahaha! Keep your fingers crossed for me guys.
  12. I think there is something which constantly changes the world of online gambling and that is the rapid development of all the IT technologies. The speed of the connection, mainboards, CPU, better and cheaper OS and many many others components- all these pieces of the puzzle gives to the gambling market the opportunity to offer players better and innovate products! Some of the downloadable casinos are already more a bit of an IT masterpiece rather than a gambling software!
  13. I was planning a whole week trip to one of the famous mountain resorts in Bulgaria with my family. But due to the allmighty economic/financial/world/and so on crysis (damn, I already hate that stupid word so much) this Christmas would be modest than usual. No bonuses this year means no trips and holidays, but what is more important is to be with your beloved!
  14. If there is a word, which can make my heart run faster, that would probably be the word 'bonus' But if there is something, which can make my heart go wild, that's the combination "perfect bonus" I'm completely agree with each of your points Valdes, but it seems that you have forgotten something and that's the word ''free'' I think that a bonus cannot be perfect if that word is missing, don't you agree?
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