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  1. ...Which makes it even sweeter I guess! Fantastic wins indeed you got there mate! Amazing! Congrats and keep them coming!
  2. ValDes

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    Thanks mate! Will definitely give some/all of the suggested games a good try any time soon and hopefully, would jump in the mega wins thread with something decent to show up.
  3. Thanks dear. Indeed, Ecuador Gold is addictive as h ell but not quite sure about its real winning potential... I mean I got some big wins, usually within 250-400 x bet region but all these came from base game on combinations with 4x4 blocks. etc... Not a single great free spins feature yet regarding the fact I won some 25 free spins ones. Kinda disappointing to be honest!
  4. ValDes

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    Which reminds me I'm still quite a stranger to Merkur slots.. Must fix that asap, so would greatly appreciate if you could suggest some mid to high variance games to start with.
  5. ValDes

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    True that! Used to play quite often some of the Amatic slots, DIamond Cats and All Ways Fruits being the most common ones , but nothing to praise for lately anyway... By the look of it and since our forum mate hajnrih hasn't been around with some new winners lately, I assume he's more doing like me when it comes to Amatic slots.
  6. ValDes

    Casino-Mate - Caution if using Ecopayz

    Great news indeed Hope it wasn'r just part of the "AG Forum miracles" though...
  7. ValDes

    My first play of Queen of Riches

    Wow, amazing hit indeed! And what makes it even more impressive and twice more valuable that it came from just a $50 deposit!
  8. Afi is totally right though, this topic has been indeed pretty quiet recently, so yeah, let's give it some fire and ice!
  9. ValDes

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Hey there, We have just contacted their rep here and hopefully, you will receive update on your issue very soon. Please let us know if you need further assistance.
  10. ValDes

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    Nice one indeed and definitely the biggest one I've seen on Yggdrasil slot from ages. Congrats mate and we say here... Keep them coming!
  11. Hi there,

    I would like to ask when will I be eligible to write directly on the forum. Even my comments are pending, its very annoying. Thanks for a feedback. 

    1. ValDes


      Hey there, 

      Please keep in mind we have placed certain limitations to newly registered forum users which should be lifted after your first week with us. This is due to previous spam attacks we had on the forum. 

      Thanks for understanding. Have a great time with AskGamblers Forum! :)

      Please let me know in case you need further assistance. 

      Best Regards, 

      AskGamblers Forum Administrator 

  12. ValDes

    Mega slot wins - oh yes, it's possible!

    Long time since posting here for the last time... For a quick moment it was really really really close to triple-multiplier combination which could have easily resulted in a colossal 5 to 10K x bet... Next time maybe...
  13. ValDes

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    Hey there and welcome to AskGamblers Our of curiosity, have just checked my winner screenshot folder and guess what... Out of 700+ winners there are only ... attention please.... drums rolling... 2 /two/ coming from Yggdrasil slots. As much as I like most of their slots portfolio couldn't help myself avoiding their games for the following reasons: - low paytables; - inadequate representation between RTP and real winning volatility which means big wins comes dis-proportionally rare opposed to the game's variance; - as a high-variance slots fan I'm quite used to games which are difficult on triggering features, but no one beats Yggdrasil! It's really ridiculous! Hope the above helps.
  14. ValDes

    Log files - are the myths true or not?

    Hey again Heard about this so called 'strategy' a few months ago for the first time but never paid too much attention to any of these strategies anyway for the obvious reasons and namely - their IS NO such thing as a winning strategy in modern iGaming industry. Believe me, I'm in search for the one in last 15 years and as soon as start deluding myself I have found one what follows every time is yet another bust. My advice - forget all strategies, learn from other players experience and listen what your inner voice commands.
  15. ValDes

    Question regarding Bonus at Bettson Casino

    Hey there and welcome to AskGamblers Sorry, but kinda confused about how many bonuses you actually got from the casino. Please provide more details so that we could assist properly. Thanks.