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  1. You are too amazing, will make me cry now But no worries, I'll be coming here, as much as I can, promise!! Aaaand maybe even as a casino representative, who knows
  2. Thank you my dearest Katerina We'll be in touch of course, you are a special woman!
  3. Hellooooooo babes Many new interviews recently, ha? I made myself into interview fabric Let's celebrate beauty today. Beautiful girls (all girls are beautiful) and beautiful casinos. This is the exact combination of our interview guest Audrey Verspaget and casino she represents, Twenty One Casino The most impressive thing about this gorgeous girl is that she has a brave and generous heart, donating and helping victims of typhoon, from Philippines, her mother's homeland!! Read the full interview HERE Don't forget to comment and/or ask some additional questions,
  4. Thank you both Wish you the same Blondie, yes I do, their song "Daniel" used to be my FAVOURITE song of all. You like them too?
  5. Hellooooo my dearest darlings This Wednesday will be my last day on AskGamblers.com. I might lose Admin title, but I'll surely stop buy to see what's up I will be always learning and there's no better place to learn useful things and meet awesome people, than this forum. I want to thank you all for being so amazing and dear, like a family! I made first gambling steps here with you, been thought so many good and smart things here from you, made some great friends and met so many cool people. You made me love this gambling world so much If you miss me very much, you can send me
  6. Hellooooo pumpkin pies Surprise and premiere!! First CEO interviewed by me, really cool and amusing one! He leads Fruity Casa, great young NetEnt's casino, equipped with many other fun softwares as well! Meet John Geenen, originally Dutch, but often seen in Malta! Young, ambitious, capable, hard-working, but always cheerful guy! And of course, don't forget to check out Fruity Casa Casino..you'll find many fruity and juicy things Read the whole interview HERE Additional questions, comments, suggestions are welcome
  7. Ah cool, I didn't get that message. Last requirement is pretty strange, usually password needs NOT to contain special character. My pass met all other criteria. Thanks!!
  8. It grows up rapidly, must be a lot of players playing it now and chasing a wealth
  9. Juicy Stakes still haven't fixed their registration field bug, can't believe that. Being curious, just tried to register again and this is what I got, like I used to a few months ago
  10. Where, where? I'm gonna go to Burning Man festival next year, however I know
  11. Why would anyway play in blacklisted casinos anyway? Beside so many non-blacklisted
  12. Not yet To be honest, was never attracted too much with it
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