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  1. Well, this weekend we are waiting for something new and interesting
  2. In my opinion, it would be much more convenient to search if you are interested in something specific, and not a rating)
  3. It looks like an encyclopedia of games! Maybe make it an alphabetical list for better use by beginners))
  4. So it`s not breaking any rules but puts a spoke in the wheels of the players?
  5. I think in the end of the day numbers can even show us how we could lie to ourselves
  6. hahaha the og! Тow this strategy will be an example for us))
  7. And what in the end did u do? I didn`t understand how u used 3 IP
  8. ValDes u did a gret job to write this post, bravo)) I think it will be useful for some gamers
  9. I think if there was a problem with the site, it would not be possible to download even one. maybe cause of format?
  10. Opened to check what happened here in 2012. Not a bad time machine))
  11. I wasn`t fan of vampires but this graphic is really cool! (sorry if again I`m out of topic, I just ikel nice graphic in games)
  12. but in the moment, I think, the thought "if it were real" flew by
  13. I haven`t also, and didn't even think it can be possible
  14. Was thinking to play today or tomorrow but another plans ate me totally
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