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  1. Hi Greg, yes you sure can. Be sure to send us an email with "HAPPYBDAYASKGAMBLERS" to [email protected] and we will take care of the rest
  2. Hi klarissa, Yepp just attach your luckscreenshot, good luck
  3. dcasinolive

    New NetEnt Slot Game added

    Pretty nice one from NetEnt, everyone seems to love the golden multiplier
  4. dcasinolive

    DCASINO Free Spins!!

    Hi askdlaoc, Free spins are given randomly to players, as a policy we are not showing players names that have got these free spins publicly. But I am sure someone will post a lucky screenshot soon about this.
  5. dcasinolive

    Favourite live casino

    Hi Cheryl, I am Matthew a rep from DCasinoLive. DCasinoLive's feeds are not studio feeds but feeds from Portomaso Casino here in Malta. It is great to hear that you are winning at our casino. Good luck to all
  6. dcasinolive

    DCASINO Free Spins!!

    Hi ASKDLAOC, Thanks for your input on this bonus, Link to this game and it's t&c are found in the news section of DCasinoLive under Bonuses. Regards, Matthew - DCasinoLive
  7. dcasinolive

    Edited! : Dcasinolive: 100 Free spins

    Hi All, Thanks for your input on this bonus, I would like to point out that; players are chosen at random while playing at DCasinoLive, also this is not a no deposit bonus but players must have deposited to take this bonus. Should anyone require any more info please send an email to [email protected] Good luck to all and happy trick n' treating Regards, Matthew - DCasinoLive
  8. dcasinolive

    who plays blackjack?

    Hi Guys, Blackjack must be an all time favorite to many of you out there. Personally I prefare live blackjack, although some say that gameplay is a bit slower on live it is always the greatest thrill of feeling like being on the casino floor.
  9. dcasinolive

    No forum rules related to signature

    hehe it's more like loyalty points and the prize is a signature
  10. dcasinolive

    AskGamblers in Italiano

    Sono molto felice che askgamblers ha sezione italiana. Io sono di DCasinoLive con pieno supporto italiano. Se avete bisogno di aiuto fatemelo sapere.
  11. dcasinolive

    Introduce yourself to the world

    Hi all I am Matthew from DCasinoLive. Need any help, info etc with our casino just drop a pm I will be more than happy to help you out Regards, Matthew Mizzi DCasinoLive.com S: mizzm001 E: [email protected]