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  1. Been thinking them same, but on the other hand... the best things happen when you least expect it
  2. So; if I submit a e.g. 600x today, but score a 4000x tomorrow - which one will count?
  3. @cocopop3011 Heyo, can we submit several screenshots as well? For the 100x-1000x raffle
  4. Hacksaw? Which one in particular? I did once 500 spins on Toshi and on Chaos Crew, both times balance was gone in no time Regarding 5 scatter super bonus: First spin on Legion: 5x scatter First spin on Deadwood: 5x scatter Superb, right? Nope, both wins were just around 1000x
  5. I never bonus buy. Did it once with 15 times in row on Deadwood (big bonus), never made it past the initial price of the bonus buy. Karen and Prison were a huge flop for me Rave with xbet had me like 1 Bonus every 15 spins on avg, 4k spins, never past 400x tho Tombstone was a solid 10/10 with xbet, made it twice 4400x within 800 spins, but since then - nothing. I stick to Gulag and Hoarders, every now and then some Mental and that's it Only thing I noticed with the xbet thingy: the bonuses are "always" low af compared to non xbet, but that's just my subje
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