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  1. Slot_lover

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Approved after 3.5 days.
  2. Slot_lover

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Still pending after 3 days. They contacted me on message, apologied for the past delays but no improvement.
  3. Slot_lover

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Thanks for your feedback! The 3. withdrawal is approved just now, after a pending period of 36 hours. Lets see what happens with the 4th one.
  4. Slot_lover

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Great help! Thanks mate!
  5. Slot_lover

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    I must admit Campeonbet has all the games that I like to play. So I was thrilled to sign up. They have a good site, pretty fast and well organized. But it seems that without fast or even a decent payment speed, all other good things are just a waste.
  6. Slot_lover

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Check out what they have replied to my rating on ask gamblers site Dear customer,We appreciate your feedback and recommendations.We are extremely concerned about transctions' safety and we may need to complete further investigation to guarantee payments' security. We strongly advise you to contact us via live chat or email in order to resolve any query.Best Regards,Campeonbet Team So it seems they are more concerned about my money than me!!
  7. Slot_lover

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    I am more pissed off at ask gamblers than campeon bet as their best award promted me to open an account with them and the deposit of 5K with blind faith. I did read their terms, and it says withdraw is processed within 24 hours.
  8. Slot_lover

    [Resolved] Campeonbet Withdrawal issue

    Update on 3.request made on 13.03.19 @7am. Today morning I got an email from the support that the withdraw is approved. But still after 12 hours, the status of the withdraw is showing pending on my account and I cant make a new request. Sent email ->no reply. Then talking to live support-theyre askign me to send an email to the support/KYC. The same vigorous cycle as usual. i have about 8K balance left on my account (5K deposit!, 3K winnings). IF this trend continues, I will get only 1K max per 3-4 days. That will probably to make sure that I continue to play and lose it all.
  9. I am having hard time withdrawing my winnings from Campeonbet Casino. As this casino is awarded the best new casino, it could be assumed that the casino is well known here. Here is what I have experienced so far> 1. 1.withdrawal request on 7th of March, pending for 3 days, finally was reversed by myself as I lost my balance. 2. 2. withdrawal request on 9th of March, got approved after 3 days. Numerous emails, chat session with the live support, cost me a lot of time and energy. 3. 3. withdrawal is pending now for 2 days. Im just reluctant to contact them as it didnt really help the last time. The withdrawal policy says 12 hours processing time for Safecharge. So Im kind of clueless what to do. Hope the other members could shade light on this issue. Thank you in advance.
  10. Slot_lover

    Can a Casino decline a withdrawal?

    I think everyone has some kind of a "System". If you always bet the same amount, that could be called a system. If I increase my bet after 5 losing streaks, that might be a system too. So, I dont think casinos may use this logic to decline winnings
  11. Hi there,

    I would like to ask when will I be eligible to write directly on the forum. Even my comments are pending, its very annoying. Thanks for a feedback. 

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      Please keep in mind we have placed certain limitations to newly registered forum users which should be lifted after your first week with us. This is due to previous spam attacks we had on the forum. 

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  12. Slot_lover

    Can a Casino decline a withdrawal?

    I think the house edge is never changed whether you play using a strategy or whatever system you call it. No single bet has any "memory" of the past event, otherwise the games cant be random at all. So, actually, there can never be a sustainable "system".