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    NO DEPOSIT CODES (Updated on a daily basis)

    With $35 free chip at Slots Empire played couple of games, won few times and on the final game Gemtopia won $3.700.51 and after then I realised that max bonus withdrawal is $150, after meeting wagering requirement all my winnings were gone..., so not fair so not fair!!! and anyway looks like probably I won't be able to play tricky and withdrawal in UK.
  2. RamaVe

    SOS, I am addicted to gambling - what to do?

    Aww thank you for you positiveness actually it cheered me up a bit ;)
  3. RamaVe

    SOS, I am addicted to gambling - what to do?

    I saw some of your articles and fell in love with you writing style. Anyway so... I am addicted to gambling, and I could tell that I will become one from the very beginning when I entered online casinos. For me It all started once because I really needed money, was jobless so ended up on slots. And I was quiet lucky, at the beginning I was happy even with the smallest amount like £40 pounds, but later I wanted more and more until £600 couldn't satisfy me, even few days ago I won £600, asked for withdrawal and after two days I just reversed it and kept playing thinking I could win £1000 to clear my debts...until... I lost everything again. Now I'm getting deeper and deeper into debts and have no one to blame only myself. I feel like tearing apart. I don't have anyone close I could tell about this deep rabbits hole I'm falling in . I'm not looking for psychological help because I myself did study psychology so I'm fully conscious of my stupidity and Ignorance. I know I'm gonna vandalize slots again, because anyway It's my only hope to get out of debts which I have no other way to repay. The question is, will I be able to stop next time and just happily withdrawal my winnings till the end. Hope no one ends up like me. (Sometimes I joke to myself, I should just ask some billionaire for some money, then I my addiction would be cured in a minute) Sorry for my English.