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  1. jwholland

    Slotjoint VIP program hoax?

    I fully agree with the ***** wager requirements ect.. but I asked them a simple question, that they are deflecting.. They state a X number of points required, but do not want to elaborate on 'directors invitation' .. Just dont get why they are so secret, also on number of admitted people. Theorising, 'directors invite' could include a specific local temperature required for admission, if they see a dog shitting that day, or the company results ect...
  2. jwholland

    Slotjoint VIP program hoax?

    No, it is at executive discretion.. and they do not provide any info if any persons are actually upgraded. You are reversing the argument, they claim something, but do not want to give specifics, or numbers..
  3. jwholland

    Slotjoint VIP program hoax?

    yes, of course, why post a plenary question on a forum otherwise? I've requested info in terms of admission after accomplishing 20K limited stated, and number of player per year admitted. THEY DO NOT PROVIDE THIS!! SO A HOAX UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE!!
  4. jwholland

    Slotjoint VIP program hoax?

    Hi all, I have a short question regarding the slotjoint VIP program. I reached the 20K award points to be considered as VIP ( VIP account status ups reward point earnings by 20%), but did not get in invitation. Slotjoint is extremely vague regarding my request to explain terms for invitation, after reaching required point level. Nor will they give any information on active VIP players, or number of accounts admitted per year. Google search does not reveal any indications of VIP players active.. I am beginning to believe that the VIP status doesn't even exists! Anyone of you guys know a slotjoint VIP? Thxn JW