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  1. Hey icy! Warlock's Spell is one of my favorites too! I've still never gotten the top free spins but one day hopefully!
  2. I just won about $250 at iNetBet last night and it was in my OKPay this morning. They are the only place I know of that's actually getting faster which is super nice.
  3. Looks like I forgot to tell you how I did! I lost lol. BUT it's okay because I deposited $25 this weekend and ended up with $100 from European Blackjack. I remember reading on here a long time ago that it's the best blackjack game on RTG and it seems to do pretty good for me.
  4. I'm jealous Luciana! Winner Casino is a pretty reputable place, isn't it? I might be getting it confused with somewhere else though. It's easy to do that LOL.
  5. Can't deposit less than $25 anywhere in the US I don't think... wish I could help!
  6. Oh I didn't even know the people at Sloto'Cash had a new casino. Looks like this is their new Rival one in case anyone's wondering. We US folks can't play at it though, dang.
  7. Well it looks like this is a NetEnt so I can't use this, but thanks! I'm guessing the maximum cashout limit is to prevent people from winning a progressive or something? I don't know if these are progressive though, but that would make me livid.
  8. Luciana is the only one who's going to end up ahead out of all of us
  9. Haha I believe it! When I don't have any extra money to play with I'll usually just chill on here and play one of their free NetEnt slots, and I never seem to do well on that one in particular. It always makes me glad that I didn't play for real money, LOL.
  10. If only it worked that easily! After seeing scyan's screenie I made a $50 deposit at iNetBet and just hammered away at Naughty or Nice. Got up to $75 but after that nothing. I'm down to $20 now, so I'm contemplating if I should keep playing it or try something else.
  11. Ahhh classic 80s. Takes me back to when I was a kid... I'll post some of mine later.
  12. Holy cow!!!! I have been playing that game for over a year and it owes me BIG TIME. I wouldn't mind hitting that! Congratulations.
  13. I'm basically stuck with what I can get lol. RTG casinos have a lot of differences in how they give out bonuses, some have good ones and some are just consistently terrible. Really, iNetBet, Slotland, and Win A Day like Val said are the best 3 I think.
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