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  1. dillfly2000

    My first play of Queen of Riches

    Correct. Was afraid to touch that slot for a while lol.
  2. dillfly2000

    My first play of Queen of Riches

    About a year ago (maybe less) I was watching youtube slot videos, I came across a video of a guy who won a huge jackpot on queen of riches. So I felt pumped, I had a new account at bettson and went straight for QofR slot. I made a 50 dollar deposit and almost played it to the last. I was about to put 90 more in for a second round, I changed my mind and decided to play the rest and call it a day. Right after that decision I had a huge hit. I was unaware what the symbols were worth or what megaways meant lol. So I assumed that it wouldnt be much. I was wrong. As the dollars were counting up I had my hands on my face in disbelief. Never been able to emulate this win since. I won in USD and I'm in Canada. So with the exchange rate I had much more.
  3. dillfly2000

    Question regarding Bonus at Bettson Casino

    Bonuses work as such 100% bonus Deposit 100 and receive an extra 100 bonus So 200 all together If you lose 100 you will start playing the 100 bonus money you've received. I'm not sure how betson does it, but if you deposit more when you're using bonus cash, you might have to wager the bonus first or play through the 100 bonus cash. If theres an option to cancel the bonus, that would probably be the better option. You can't cash out until your 100 bonus is wagered 35 times using yours or the bonus money. Some casinos let you cash out but they cancel your bonus. As long as you haven't dipped into the bonus cash. If I take a bonus, I'll usually play it out completely before making another deposit. Rules vary casino to casino, some are just complete scams. Bettson has a good reputation. Hope things workout for you.
  4. dillfly2000

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    Here's a screen from a session i was streaming with 0 people watching lol. Ignore the affiliate link, im sure you all have an account there anyway Probably my biggest small bet win with YGG but others have come close. I don't know why im having luck with them, seem most people are being screwed over. Maybe my time will come soon enough lol. The games that have paid out for me are: Gem Rocks, orient express, Chibeasties 2, Trolls Bridge, Hanzos Dojo, Tuts Twister, Valley of the Gods, Rainbow Ryan, Sunny Shores, Seasons, Casino Zeppelin, Nitro Circus and Reef Run. All the viking games are money wasters IMO.
  5. dillfly2000

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    I get it. I wasn't a fan of Betsoft for the longest time until my recent winning streak. I do think certain games are complete trash from every developer, but not every game. It could be based on total bias due to no luck or low paying base games where all the good pay is in the bonus. All I know is high volatility usually means higher payouts when you get the good hits (usually in the bonus). I do think NetEnt, BTG, Playtech and yes Thunderkick are pretty good examples of well developed games (but they still have their stinkers). Sadly NetEnt BTG Playtech are pretty much done in Canada. Thunderkick is still available in some casinos, but it's fading away as well. Thanks for the honest replies.
  6. dillfly2000

    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    Some of my biggest wins come from them. I usually play the higher paying games on low bets 0.60 to 2.00 I do agree some of the games are a bit cheap, but it's the same with every brand. I've had more luck with them than any PnG game I've played. Or am I just the lucky few? Is there somthing I don't know? Or should know?