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  1. Sunmaker, sunnyplayer, metalcasino or interwetten
  2. Metz1013

    More and More casinos to shut their doors.

    Next close quasar and ovocasino but i think only for German players so check ur mails also spam and if it is for all look also because the Jackpots are payed out if u play a many time Jackpots then u have now money on the Account
  3. Metz1013


    Please be carefull i read on a other forum that they offer fakeslots and they also have 2 websites one woth .com abd one with .net
  4. Thx that u write them a message but i didnt Think that i get them because my registration was last year i think (at the grand Opening of the first no Deposit bonus)
  5. Hello u can see that i also ask in may but i didnt get a answer from they since rhis time so i doesnt think that was only one day
  6. I doesnt use a translator like google because I think that isnt allowed. I had some truble with other Forums for use google translator and i doesnt want to have it too here
  7. I was learn englisch at school 9 jh long and doesnt learn it. And now I use it daily and didnt learn it more so i think that I also doesnt learn it in the Future
  8. Ok thanks my english is not so good as u want. But i didnt can use the translator or writhe it in german. So ***** happends
  9. My review for Iwcasino https://www.askgamblers.com/casino/iwcasino-review-r4411#review-5b38aaae7528f7bca78b46b6
  10. My nickname is Metz1013 if these is active