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  1. Probably just because they're getting lots of donations in the first week or two, but I've had some of my biggest and best wins the first time ever opening a new game..
  2. Played it 3 different casinos, LeoVegas, Rizk and RoyalPanda all 3 cleared main board for me at 0.60 bet for a $300 instahit... of course every attempt to play since has ended quite poorly.. something to be said for the first time opening a new game
  3. Paid! But still calling shenanigans, I got $75 canadian.. silly canadian money, only worth 2/3 euro Thanks again
  4. I dunno.. If it's a race to see which reward arrives first... Pre-post Leo was the hands down favourite to win. The slow start out the gate was surprising, but no cause for alarm. With some fine jockeying coming out of the first turn all those in the stand sI'm sure expected the race would already be over.. Instead there's a complete the lack of giddee'up down the back stretch.. It's rumored he may even have been spotted pausing for a couple fan photos and a sugar cube or 3.. The million to one longshot could seven uddenly begin to look like the miracle of the century if the
  5. I understand the question, but if forced to be 100% completely honest.. under oath, if you will, I can only offer the truth as I know it and that is quite simply, that I do not recall...
  6. OMG! The Day is almost half pver and not a sign of the absolutely free money that I did very little at all to earn while being given no guarantee or reason to expect that I would recieve said effortless free money before the day was half over... or... in sweden ALMOST ALL THE WAY OVER!!!! But I can still complain abour it right?
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