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  1. TheAverageGuy

    Casino-Mate - Caution if using Ecopayz

    I only play at sites with fast withdrawals and little to no pending period, casino-mate is the exception with 24hrs pending before instant payment because I have had some great wins there.
  2. TheAverageGuy

    Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!

    This week started with the casino-mate win on a $20 deposit, betting started at $0.20, I just raised the bet one level after every feature.. it escalated quickly. Rocketfellas and firefighters were the same thing, start low, end high. and let's not forget that the funds for the deposits all came from the original DOA hit which was a first deposit that was made after cashing out from their no deposit bonus
  3. TheAverageGuy

    Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!

    Been a crazy couple weeks, only got a few screenshots.. Rocketfellas I really wish I had the screenshot, but I forgot to paste it before copying something else.. so that amazing screen of wilds is gone forever.. but hey, at least there's the session history
  4. TheAverageGuy

    Casino-Mate - Caution if using Ecopayz

    Email received "The issue has been resolved and your withdrawal has been processed" Hopefully it remains resolved this time
  5. Just a heads up to anyone using ecopayz as a deposit/withdrawal method at Casino-Mate (and by association I would assume House of Jack)My last 2 withdrawals have been met with delays/reversals due to "technical issues with ecopayz"First there was a rather sizable one earlier this week that was delayed for 8-10 hours before being released, mildly annoying but acceptable as things happen that are beyond control sometimes.My last withdrawal was a few days later for under $500, after the 24hrs pending had passed there was again no withdrawal, 6-8 hours later an email was received informing me that my withdrawal had been reversed back to my account due to technical issues with ecopayz and asked me to restart the withdrawal process so they could process my payment when the issue was resolved (hopefully within 24hrs they said)9 hours later I checked with live chat to see if there was any update on when I could expect payment and was told that it was once again sitting in the 24hr mandatory pending period before payments would be looking at it.Suffice to say I was less than impressed with this reply.I've had plenty of successful withdrawals in the past with casino-mate and HOJ and until now have spoken highly of both their service and support, but this last round of interactions has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.Anyway, as I said.. A warning to those using Ecopayz at the moment, I would double check that the issues are resolved before playing and expecting payment on schedule at CM.Cheers!
  6. TheAverageGuy

    NO DEPOSIT CODES (Updated on a daily basis)

    Used to be right on the home page.. I guess they learned their lesson..
  7. TheAverageGuy

    Videoslots - Not Sure What to do

    Seems to be going around... no word yet as to the reasoning behind it.. In the grand scheme of things, while an absolutely terrible customer service move and poorly handled all around they are within their rights to close any account at any time, so there is little you can do about it.. with that said however, even if you could get it reopened, would you want to? I see this becoming a public relations nightmare very swiftly especially on the tail end of all the recent money saving/bonus reducing changes at the casino. I blame myself, I wrote them a glowing review, shortly after they changed everything I said I liked. The curse of AG strikes again.
  8. TheAverageGuy

    NO DEPOSIT CODES (Updated on a daily basis)

    4StarGames.gr gives 50 free spins on registration and id verification. Free spins are wager free. Worked out rather well for me, won about $60 from the spins, cashed out, used $10 to take the first deposit (100% no wagering) and a couple hours later cashed out again with a significant profit made on their money
  9. TheAverageGuy

    Let's have some chit chat :)

    The jpb seems rather like being a kindergarten teacher, so I won't object to you taking it. I just want the paycheque attached to it
  10. At best they could ask that you show the statement with balances etc covered off for privacy, but the most recent transaction to your funding source uncovered if they wanted to tie your account to say an ewallet that you used to deposit at the casino... and that’s stretching it pretty thin.. there isn’t anything at all to be served by them knowing your personal spending habits or account balances within the framework of a regulatory KYC. I stand by “show me yours and I’ll show you mine, if that doesn’t float your boat then let’s “for the record” have you explain the unnecessary delay in releasing the funds that are rightfully mine, despite being provided with everything the regulations of your license require.. and once that’s noted in the transcript please provide me with the contact information for your data protection officer” but then.. I can be a touch hard headed at times, “pretty pretty please sir may I have my money?” May be less standoffish
  11. Just tell them you appreciate a partner who wants to share even the most private and intimate details, you're absolutely on board.. as soon as they show you theirs you'll show them yours.
  12. TheAverageGuy

    Videoslots Battle of the Slots - Mobile

    mobile battles beats the heck out of my typical.. "request desktop site" *rotate phone* *pinch screen* *readjust screen position* *readjust screen position* AH HA! *join battle* *readjust screen position*
  13. TheAverageGuy

    Fastest Paying Casinos in 2019 - My List

    The new normal is processing within 24hrs based on the replies I've had from support the last dozen times I questioned the increasingly growing pending times, today didn't even have the attempt at humour or personality "Please do not contact support regarding pending withdrawals until 24hrs have passed" and I used to ***** about the fact that they sometimes took all the way up to their 4hr ideal window... Those were the days. and the whole stance of fluffing off long time players with a generic "we have always had a 24hr window that we aim to process withdrawals within" sure... and that's absolutely how you built your customer base, a we'll get around to it when we get there approach.. *grumble grumble* growing increasingly irritated by my shrinking list of "AG APPROVED & RECOMMENDED SITES"
  14. TheAverageGuy

    Fastest Paying Casinos in 2019 - My List

    Rizk seems to be working hard to fall off the fast paying list, pending seems to be anywhere from 4-6hrs average now, currently have a couple sitting even longer..